Adam Schiff admits the January 6 Committee paved the way for criminal charges against Trump

Photo by Gage Skidmore via

Adam Schiff thought he could let his guard down.

That turned out to be a major error.

And Adam Schiff’s big confession will come back to haunt him in court.

Adam Schiff led the Russian collusion hoax which failed to end Trump’s presidency.

When that scheme imploded Schiff then conspired on the Ukraine impeachment hoax.

That plot against Trump also failed.

But now after special counsel Jack Smith and Democrat Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis filed bogus indictments against Donald Trump criminalizing free speech, taking legal advice, and engaging in routine political activism for contesting the 2020 election, Adam Schiff took a victory lap.

Schiff let his guard down on his celebratory media tour and revealed the real purpose of the January 6 committee – on which Schiff played a leading role – was to create the predicate for Democrat prosecutors to bring politically motivated criminal charges against the Republican frontrunner for president during an election year.

“And I’m particularly also struck by how much the Georgia indictment really tracks the work of the January 6 committee and, in particular, the hearing that I lead. And it’s, I think, very similar, to the federal January 6 indictment, in tracking the work of our committee,” Schiff gloated.

Schiff’s fellow January 6 committee member, former RINO Congressman Adam Kinzinger, also confirmed the committee played a role to weaponize the justice system against Trump.

“I absolutely think it was our investigation that … opened up their eyes,” Kinzinger said in an interview with Axios. “I don’t begrudge them, but this indictment should have come down a year ago.”

The media also congratulated Nancy Pelosi for creating the January 6 committee which spurred the Biden administration to launch the 2020 election witch hunt against Trump.

“It was the then-Speaker of the House who insisted that there be a congressional inquiry following January 6. And it was the work of the select committee she fashioned that finally appears to have spurred a reluctant Justice Department to action, setting in motion a more intense phase of criminal scrutiny focused on Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election,” New York Magazine’s Ankush Khardori wrote.

From day one Adam Schiff was a ringleader in the plot to get Trump.

Democrats never intended to allow Trump to serve as president or acknowledge the legitimacy of the 2016 election.

As their attacks on the Supreme Court show, Democrats do not believe in the legitimacy of any institution they don’t control, and they are prepared to burn any institution down where the left doesn’t hold power.

That’s why Donald Trump faced an escalating series of hoaxes to try and remove him from office.

And now with the 2024 election at hand Democrats triggered the nuclear option and weaponized the criminal justice system against Trump to stop him from returning to power.