Adam Schiff’s campaign suffers humiliating setback

Photo by Gage Skidmore via

Adam Schiff wants to parlay the multiple witch hunts he’s led against Donald Trump into a U.S. Senate seat.

But Schiff just suffered a massive public humiliation.

And he could not believe which close ally just flipped on him.

Adam Schiff is taking a massive risk and putting his whole career on the line. He’s giving up his seat in the House to run for Senate in California.

His ambition is getting the best of him.

And if he loses this race, he’ll be out of Congress completely.

Schiff, of course, richly deserves that fate with his many misdeeds. He’s been widely known as the biggest liar in Congress ever since the fibs he told during “Russiagate.”

He jumped into the Senate race thinking the media would be on his side after they repeated his lies ad nauseum and defended him even when his dishonesty was exposed.

But things aren’t going quite planned. He’s finding himself encountering a difficult race against Rep. Katie Porter, a Democrat Congresswoman from California.

In fact, the latest poll shows Schiff losing the race by three points.

Even worse, the media seems to have turned on him. They are now mocking him instead of defending him.

SFGATE, a popular San Francisco news site, posted an article tearing Schiff to shreds for his cringeworthy campaign merch.

The article reports, “Rep. Adam Schiff, currently running for retiring Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s seat in the upper chamber, released an updated apparel line this week. It leans on Schiff-related puns, and it Schtinks.”

That has to be painful for Schiff, especially coming from a hometown news site he almost certainly expected to be on his side.

The article later goes onto say, “Nothing surpasses the Schiff puns, though. As someone whose last name also starts with the ‘Sh-‘ sound, I learned long ago it’s not wise to encourage nicknames based on my surname. Schiff, 63, has apparently still not absorbed this lesson. ‘Get Schiff Done,’ with a photo of what I assume is a younger Schiff sporting sunglasses and a suit, is being sold as a mug, a T-shirt and a tote bag. It does not pass the ‘will I feel like a humongous dork while wearing/using this?’ test.”

Schiff is being treated like a joke by the very people he needs support from if he intends to win his seat in the Senate.

While Katie Porter would almost certainly be another radical left-wing Senator like Schiff, it would be fitting for Schiff’s career to come to an abrupt end after all the lies he’s told.