Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Smears Tucker Carlson Over Biden Probe

Democrats are worried.

Liberals thought they could keep this scandal bottled up.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez let something big slip about an investigation into Joe Biden.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Tucker Carlson and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are not fans of one another.

Ocasio-Cortez took the feud to another level.

And what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just said about Tucker Carlson is unforgivable.

Democrats installed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the House Oversight Committee to distract from the seriousness of the investigations into Communist China compromising Joe Biden and alleged Biden family financial crimes by having Ocasio-Cortez do what she does best — cause a circus.

Ocasio-Cortez achieved that goal in an appearance on Seth Meyers’ late-night NBC talk show.

These shows used to be a home for comedy, musical acts, and movie stars to promote their latest projects.

Nowadays such programs function as therapy sessions for neurotic liberals and Democrat Party propaganda platforms.

In the interview, Ocasio-Cortez tried to make light of the GOP investigations into the Biden family’s influence peddling and potential criminal or impeachable offenses.

“Yeah, I mean. I think they’ve tried. You know, they had that big Twitter-Hunter Biden hearing and they’re like, ‘We got him.’ And then, the thing about hearings is that they’re not Republican press conferences,” Ocasio-Cortez stated.

The corporate media’s tried their best to bury the investigations and Ocasio-Cortez claimed the Democrats were able to stymie GOP investigations by supposedly providing real-time fact-checking.

“You have 50 Democrats that are also, or however many Democrats in the committee, that are also seated on that. And they can real-time fact check you, unlike Fox News as a safe space for them. You know, you can get fact-checked in real-time. You will be debated in real-time. And they have operated in this insular environment that affirms them, no matter how true or false anything they say is,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

And then much to the delight of the laughing audience packed with adoring liberals Ocasio-Cortez did an impersonation of Tucker Carlson to simulate Republican complaints about the Democrats’ antics.

“Now that they’re actually in a House majority and they have to actually call hearings and they actually have to legislate and they actually have to be called on things when they’re not true. They’re like, ‘Wait, this doesn’t feel like Tucker Carlson, to me,’” Ocasio-Cortez added.

“It’s like, ‘No, baby, this is the U.S. House of Representatives,’” Ocasio-Cortez said in her Tucker Carlson impersonation.

But Ocasio-Cortez’s mockery had a purpose.

Ocasio-Cortez wanted to distract the corporate media and the public from the fact that Republicans are slowly gathering evidence of alleged criminal activity of the Biden family.

“The fact that I’m sitting here watching what happened to Donald Trump yesterday, knowing what all the Bidens have been engaged in and the shenanigans and the bank violations that we’re privy to right now at the Treasury Cabinet, where the banks pointed out all of the potential money laundering and they, the banks couldn’t explain all the different transfers and all the different LLCs that this family had to try to basically launder money from our adversaries,” Comer said in an interview on Fox News.

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