Alvin Bragg opposes Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss criminal charges against him

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is pulling out all the stops to jail Donlad Trump.

Democrats believe this criminal trial is key to helping Joe Biden win re-election.

And Alvin Bragg had one trick up his sleeve that Donald Trump is going to hate.

All of the criminal cases against Donald Trump are partisan shams and thinly disguised attempts at election interference.

But Alvin Bragg’s indictment against Donald Trump for falsifying business records to conceal non-disclosure payments to Stormy Daniels – which Bragg and only Bragg claims is a federal campaign finance violation – represents the greatest effort to stretch the bounds of the law to criminalize the simple fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

Trump’s lawyers, Todd Blanche and Susan Necheles, filed a motion to dismiss citing selective prosecution, suspicious timing and the unconstitutional nature of the indictment as proper grounds for the judge to throw the case out.

Blanche and Necheles wrote the indictment “has prejudiced President Trump and the public by interfering with his presidential campaign.”

Trump’s lawyers also slammed the indictment as “delayed.”

Former Bragg prosecutor Mark Pomerantz called this the “zombie investigation” as it lay dormant for years.

Bragg’s predecessor didn’t see grounds to bring criminal charges and even the weaponized Biden Justice Department never charged Trump with a campaign finance crime.

Trump’s lawyers ripped the indictment as a politically motivated filing sprung out “from a grand jury investigation that commenced approximately ten weeks after President Trump announced his candidacy.”

Bragg falsely claimed his office didn’t look at the election calendar when filing this indictment.

“Defendant repeatedly suggests that because he is a current presidential candidate, the ordinary rules for criminal law and procedure should be applied differently here,” Bragg’s prosecutors wrote.

“Courts have repeatedly rejected defendant’s demands for special treatment and instead have adhered to the core principle that the rule of law applies equally to the powerful as to the powerless,” the motion added.

Trump’s campaign also pointed out that Bragg refused to file a similar charge against Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign falsely filing on its federal election campaign expenditure reports that money for Perkins Coie was for legal expenses when in reality it funded the creation of Christopher Steele’s hoax Russia collusion dossier.

Bragg absurdly claimed these circumstances were different.

But critics contend the only difference is Donald Trump is a Republican and Alvin Bragg’s political opponent and Hillary Clinton is a Democrat and Alvin Bragg’s political ally.

Bragg also claimed he could charge Trump for covering up a nonexistent crime even though in the history of New York City no prosecutor has ever elevated a falsifying business records misdemeanor to a felony by alleging it was to cover up a federal campaign finance crime.

“[T]he conclusion that a federal offense can be a valid object crime is supported by this Office’s longstanding practice of charging first-degree falsifying business records where the defendant intended to commit or conceal a federal crime,” the filing continued.

There is no evidence Donald Trump accepted an illegal campaign contribution when he reimbursed Michael Cohen for the $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels.

Political candidates have wide latitude as to how they can spend their own money during a campaign and as someone with no experience dealing with campaign finance law, ignorance is a defense for Trump.

That’s why Joe Biden’s partisan Justice Department couldn’t bring charges against Trump.

But critics allege Bragg knew Democrats needed to file as many indictments as possible against Trump in the hope that something stuck.

Campaigning on the message that Donald Trump is a convicted felon is Biden’s only chance to flip this election from a referendum on the Biden failures to a choice between two options.

In a choice election, Biden and the Democrats think they can disqualify Trump as the thinking goes that swing voters won’t cast a ballot to put a felon in the Oval Office.