Alvin Bragg’s Decision to Make Michael Cohen his Star Witness Backfires

Photo by, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Alvin Bragg’s criminal indictment against Donald Trump was already considered very weak.

But it’s looking worse by the day.

And Alvin Bragg suffered a huge setback that will change everything.

Alvin Bragg invented a preposterous new legal theory that Donald Trump concealed federal campaign finance violations – for which Jack Smith and Merrick Garland never charged him for – by claiming payments to Michael Cohen were for legal fees as opposed to reimbursements for paying Stormy Daniels a $130,000 non-disclosure agreement settlement.

Falsifying business records is normally a misdemeanor charge – and the statute of limitations had long since expired – but Bragg could bootstrap them up to a felony by claiming the falsification was done in pursuit of another crime.

In this case, Bragg invented a federal campaign finance charge for illegal campaign contributions against Trump.

Bragg is a county-level prosecutor with no authority over federal campaign finance law.

And the law clearly states Trump is allowed to do whatever he wants with his own money so long as it is within the normal parameters of his everyday life.

But Bragg needed to put Trump up on some charges as part of a Democrat plot to maximize the chance of jailing Trump before the election by indicting him in as many blue jurisdictions as possible so Bragg, digging through the available statutes in New York, decided this was the best he could do to make up a fake crime.

Bragg’s case depended entirely on Cohen’s testimony as Cohen would claim Trump knew he was breaking the law and the two conspired together to conceal the real reason for the payment to Daniels in the hopes of influencing the election.

The case against Trump also faced serious hurdles due to questions about Cohen’s honesty as he pleaded guilty to lying to Congress during the Russia collusion hoax.

And now Bragg suffered another gut punch when a judge revealed that Cohen gave his lawyer phony case citations generated by artificial intelligence to use in a court filing to ask the judge to lift his court supervision early following his release from prison after his 2018 guilty plea.

“The three citations in Mr. Cohen’s case appear to be hallucinations created by the Bard chatbot, taking bits and pieces of actual cases and combining them with robotic imagination. Mr. Schwartz then wove them into the motion he submitted to Judge Furman,” The New York Times reported.

“Mr. Cohen, in his declaration, said he understood Bard to be ‘a supercharged search engine,’ which he had used previously to find accurate information online,” the Times also reported.

Trump’s lawyers cited the incident as evidence Bragg’s case is a fraud for relying on a habitual liar like Cohen as his star witness.

“He’s an admitted perjurer and has pled guilty to multiple felonies and this is just an additional indication of his lack of character and ongoing criminality,” Trump’s lawyer, Susan Necheles, declared.

No prosecutor ever used a legal theory like the one Bragg employed in the history of New York State as the basis for criminal charges.

And critics contend no prosecutor would ever bring a case if it hinged on the testimony of someone like Michael Cohen.

But the fact that Bragg did bring this case on the back of Cohen’s testimony further demonstrates that this is a political show trial whose only goal is to hurt Donald Trump in the election.