Border Crisis Reaches Blue States And Democrats Freakout

Photo by Matt Gush on Adobe Stock

The Democrats are finally coming around the reality of the illegal immigration crisis.

But it may be too little, too late.

Democrats slammed the panic button over this Joe Border betrayal.

As Great American Daily reports:

The most recent CNN poll found just 39 percent of Americans approve of the job Joe Biden is doing as president.

That number includes just 74 percent of Democrats, which for an incumbent president is a five-alarm-fire warning that there is an ongoing political emergency.

Besides concerns about Joe Biden’s age – the CNN poll showed 73 percent of Americans think Joe Biden is not mentally capable of performing the job of president – the border crisis is hitting Democrats at home.

Beginning last year the Republican governors of Florida and Texas decided that if Democrats wanted to run sanctuary cities and states then they can welcome the massive influx of illegal aliens Joe Biden invited into America through his open borders agenda.

Suddenly the fact that Joe Biden let 7 million illegal aliens – a population greater than that of all but 19 states – pour into the country was no longer a theoretical exercise for Democrats to show off their virtue signaling about diversity being our strength.

Democrat mayors and governors were forced to confront the same reality as red states and border states.

And that was the fact that open borders allowed waves of illegal aliens to pour into communities and stress hospital services, schools, crime, and housing.

New York City’s Mayor, Eric Adams, liked to boast that New York City has a

But in the wake of thousands of illegal aliens entering Gotham, Adams ranted that the mobs of illegal aliens would “destroy” the biggest city in America.

“Let me tell you something New Yorkers: Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this. I don’t see an ending to this. This issue will destroy New York City, destroy New York City. We’re getting 10,000 migrants a month,” Adams declared.

In language unheard of for a Democrat – liberals usually sing the praises of diversity – Adams bemoaned the number of countries sending illegal aliens to march right over Joe Biden’s wide-open southern border.

“One time we were just getting Venezuela, now we’re getting Ecuador, now we’re getting Russian-speaking coming through Mexico, now we’re getting Western Africa, now we’re getting people from all over the globe have made their minds up that they’re going to come through the southern part of the border and come into New York City,” Adams continued. 

Adams told New Yorkers that no neighborhood – no matter how tiny – would be spared from the ravages of the tens of thousands of illegal aliens flooding the city thanks to Joe Biden’s open southern border.

“And everyone is saying, ‘It’s New York City’s problem.’ Every community in this city is going to be impacted. We have a $12 billion deficit that we’re going to have to cut every service in this city is going to be impacted.All of us,” Adams warned.

The left-wing ladies of “The View” produced a segment for the ages where the four liberals sat in their New York studio and said Americans need to welcome illegal aliens but that illegal aliens are not welcome in New York City and need to go somewhere else. 

For years Democrats loved to thump their chests about a commitment to diversity and treat the poem at the Statue of Liberty as a statement of national policy.

But when faced with the real-life consequences of open borders Democrats revealed that all their “diversity is our strength” rhetoric was nothing more than social media virtue signaling.