CNN host stunned by “Squad” member claiming the border is secure

Photo by City Year via (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED) on Flickr

Joe Biden created the border crisis.

Even the media is waking up to this reality.

And a key Democrat left a CNN host stunned into silence with one unthinkable lie about the border.

While speaking with CNN anchor Jake Tapper, Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) repeatedly claimed that the southern border is “secure.”

“No doubt about it, our border is secure,” Pressley stated. “And we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, and we have to fix a broken system —”

“You think it is secure? You think the border is secure? Or it is not secure?” Tapper interrupted.

“I believe that we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis and there needs to be federal investment to support those migrant families,” Pressley said, claiming the crisis is a consequence of “longstanding broken policies.”

“I don’t disagree with this being a humanitarian crisis at all, but just to get some clarity on this … do you think that the border is secure? Is that what you said?” Tapper asked again.

“Yes, the border is secure,” Pressley stated.

“But if you have millions of undocumented migrants coming into the country, how is the border secure?” Tapper asked.

“Jake, this is not a new crisis,” Presley said, adding that the situation requires, “more political will and commitment.”

“I’m not disagreeing with anything you’re saying except for the idea that the border is secure. I mean if you have people crossing the border, it’s just by definition not secure,” Tapper said.

Tapper then softly pointed out that some critics argue current border conditions have led to illegal immigrants being preyed upon by smugglers.

“It just seems like such a refusal to acknowledge reality, to say that the border is secure when we all know millions of people are crossing the border illegally every year,” Tapper said.

“Jake, and that is a consequence of a number of things,” Pressley said, mentioning “climate refugees.”

“Okay, it sounds like in there, you acknowledge that there are millions of people crossing the border illegally, which would mean that the border is not secure,” Tapper said.

“Would you grant me the point that the border is not secure?” Tapper asked.

“Jake, that is a conversation for another day,” Pressley responded.

Last year Vice President Kamala Harris also controversially claimed that the US-Mexico frontier is “secure.”

“The border is secure, but we also have a broken immigration system, in particular, over the last four years before we came in, and it needs to be fixed,” Harris told NBC host Chuck Todd in Houston.