Congressman breaks major news to Tucker Carlson about the existence of UFOs

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Americans have been asking about objects in the sky for decades.

The government hasn’t been forthcoming with the truth.

And Tucker Carlson turned D.C., upside down by revealing this shocking truth about UFOs.

During the Trump administration the government began declassifying videos taken by the military of UFOs.

The government began to come clean about what it knew about UFOs.

But the government’s disclosures just scratched the surface of this scandal.

On the latest installment of “Tucker on X,” Carlson brought on Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett to discuss why the government was covering up the truth about what it knew about UFOs.

Burchett shocked Americans when he made comments that the U.S. military no longer had operational control over the skies.

“The conventional explanation for why they haven’t been released is that the U.S. government is lying about UFOs because the truth about UFOs is too scary to reveal — that they’re real. And our leaders wouldn’t want to panic the population. But that’s not true. In fact, it’s ridiculous,” Carlson stated.

Carlson told his viewers that the government had no problem generating a panic in the public as evidenced by the fact that the government drove the public into a false frenzy over COVID and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Terrifying the population is what our government does best and most avidly. Officials regularly gin up irrational fears about COVID or white supremacy or Vladimir Putin or a dozen other topics as part of a pretty obvious control strategy,” Carlson continued. “So why would they lie about UFOs? Well, because they’re covering up a crime, obviously, and it’s their crime.”

Carlson said the real question is why the government is lying about UFOs.

And that is because of the mind-blowing suggestion that the government negotiated with the beings that flew the UFOs.

“And then this question, the most pressing of all, has the U.S. government communicated directly with the beings that piloted these craft? Have American officials ever entered into any sort of agreement with them? And if so, what are the terms of that agreement? These are not random questions, they are informed questions. And at this point, Americans have a moral right to know the answers,” Carlson stated.

Congressman Burchett then made a number of disturbing suggestions including one that the reason the government is hiding all it knows about UFOs is because if the public knew of the existence of the UFO technology the government has access to it would make war redundant.

The government also could be concealing the existence of UFO technology because such advanced technology would make the prospect of future wars even more horrifying.

Either way there is clear video evidence there are aircraft out there far beyond the most advanced American technology.