One DAMNIG Video Has Joe Biden Feeling Nervous

The American people were not supposed to see this.

But they did.

And one damning video has Joe Biden feeling nervous.

As Great American Daily reports:

Ron DeSantis was one of the many red state governors that sued Joe Biden to keep Title 42 in place which will provide one check on Joe Biden’s illegal alien invasion.

This lawsuit yielded a massive prize.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody revealed that the state obtained ICE training video footage that showed top officials admitting during the summer of 2021 that the administration released 150,000 illegal aliens into America with no ability to track them.

“Operation Horizon, the background on this…you know over the summer, we had well over 150,000 folks come in. They were issued a piece of paper that said, ‘find somebody in ICE,’ and that was pretty much it. There was no processing. I know this isn’t something that you guys asked for, and I can assure you that no one in the criminal alien program asked for it either,” the video captures one official telling another.

Attorney General Moody declared that this video proved open borders was the official policy of the Biden administration.

“Since day one of his administration, President Biden has purposefully broken down the structure and law enforcement at our nation’s border with Mexico—all while confusing and misleading the nation about this devious, reckless scheme. If Title 42 ends, the administration may blame the mass surge of unvetted migrants on this rule’s remission, but don’t be fooled. They’re playing fast and loose with the lives of Americans to advance an absurd political agenda,” Attorney General Moody declared.

Attorney General Moody added that the number of illegal aliens let loose into the country with no enforcement mechanism to make sure they show up for their court dates only grew worse over the course of the last year.

“As our litigation uncovered, this has been this administration’s plan all along. They’ve let in and lost track of hundreds of thousands of inadmissible immigrants, and it will get worse if Title 42 expires. We will continue our litigation efforts to force Biden to follow the law and try to mitigate this national disaster,” Attorney General Moody continued.

When Republicans assume the majority in the House of Representatives in January newly empowered GOP committee chairs will conduct numerous investigations into Joe Biden opening the border to the largest illegal alien invasion in American history.

And this bombshell video could quickly become a key piece of evidence in an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

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