Dan Bongino drops a bombshell about the cocaine found in the White House

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

The Biden administration wants to bury the truth about who snuck cocaine into the White House.

It’s a major scandal that gets worse by the day.

And one Secret Service agent revealed this hidden fact about the cocaine found in the White House.

Dan Bongino is a veteran of the Secret Service who served on Barack Obama’s protective detail.

And Bongino is calling out the White House’s BS about the cocaine discovered at the White House.

At first the story was that law enforcement found the cocaine outside the premises.

Then the cocaine was in the library.

Next the story shifted to security discovering the cocaine in a heavily trafficked area of the West Wing where staffers work.

Finally, the administration admitted the cocaine was near the Situation Room in one of the most secure parts of the building.

Bongino slammed the media for going along with the White House and weaponized law enforcement spin that they may never discover the culprit of who trafficked the cocaine into the White House.

Bongino – who would know a thing or two about this – stated that a Biden family member would be the only person who could bypass the security checkpoints and screenings that would have caught anyone trying to sneak illegal drugs into the White House.

Hunter Biden has a well-known problem with addiction.

Hunter Biden has been living in the White House for months.

And Hunter Biden was at the White House on Friday, 48 hours before law enforcement stumbled upon the cocaine in one of the White House’s most sensitive environments.

And it’s telling that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will not give a simple yes or no answer to the question about if the cocaine belonged to a Biden family member.

Law enforcement’s claim they may never know who brought the cocaine into the White House despite every square inch of the building being under 24-hour surveillance is also raising suspicions.

The White House and law enforcement look like they don’t want to answer questions about who brought the cocaine into the White House because they won’t like where it leads them.