Democrat judge stays gag order in federal 2020 election case


Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Joe Biden leaned on the courts to help him beat Donald Trump next year.

But Biden got some bad news.

And a judge delivered this shocking ruling that will turn the 2020 campaign upside-down.

Democrat Judge Tanya Chutkan initially granted Democrat prosecutor Jack Smith’s request for a gag order on Donald Trump in the sham trial over Trump contesting the 2020 election.

The gag order allowed a Democrat judge and a Democrat prosecutor to regulate the political speech of the Republican frontrunner challenging the sitting Democrat president.

Never before in American history had the ruling party granted itself the authority to limit the political speech of their opposition.

Such tactics are the province of third-world banana republics and Soviet dictatorships.

Donald Trump immediately appealed this unconstitutional and un-American attempt by a partisan activist masquerading as a judge to interfere in the presidential election.

Trump’s legal team asked Chutkan to stay the gag order while the case was under appeal.

“By restricting President Trump’s speech, the Gag Order eviscerates the rights of his audiences, including hundreds of millions of American citizens who the Court now forbids from listening to President Trump’s thoughts on important issues,” they added.

In the only instance in this case of Chutkan exercising fair-minded judgement instead of acting as the Biden administration’s advocate, Chutkan stayed the gag order until Biden’s prosecutors could respond to Trump’s motion.

Chutkan’s initial gag order was so vague it created an Orwellian trap for Trump so that Chutkan and Smith could decide anything Trump said on the trail violated the gag order and thus could land Trump in prison.

The gag order never defined what an “interested party” is.

That ambiguous term would allow Democrats Chutkan and Smith to decide any Republican anyone connected to the campaign – which would include Republicans who endorse Trump – or family members violated the gag order if they attacked Smith’s unconstitutional and politically motivated prosecution of Trump.

Chutkan barred any speech that “targets” Smith or his staff but Chutkan never defines what that word means.

And Chutkan “allowed” Trump to attack Mike Pence – who is one of the witnesses in the case – on his political platform since he is running for president against Trump.

But the centerpiece of Pence’s campaign message is that he stood up to Trump on January 6, the actions that form the basis of Smith’s charges against Trump.

Chutkan’s gag order sets up a scenario where Trump’s opponents – all Republicans and Joe Biden – can attack Trump over the indictment for contesting the results of the 2020 election, but bars Trump from responding.

The undefined terms of the order allow the Democrat judge and prosecutor to play “Calvinball” – the game Calvin, from the cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes, would play where he could change the rules any time he was losing – to put Trump in a bind where his opponents get to determine the rules of the road for his campaign.