Donald Trump Lost In Court and You Will Be Happy When You Hear Why

Donald Trump appointed hundreds of judges to the federal bench.

It was one of his crowning achievements as president.

Donald Trump lost in court and you will be happy when you hear why.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Back in the fall of 2017 a madman named Stephen Paddock committed the deadliest mass shooting in American history killing 60 innocents at a Las Vegas music festival.

Law enforcement never discovered Paddock’s motivation for his act of madness.

In the wake of the tragedy Democrats and their media allies ran their typical playbook where they reveled in the number of innocent people killed to browbeat Republicans into accepting gun control.

Liberals exploited the dead and lied about the event by trying to fool people into thinking Paddock fired an automatic weapon into the crowd.

The left pulled off this trick by blaming the bump stock Paddock utilized.

A bump stock is a common firearm accessory that allows the user to brace a rifle against their shoulder to eliminate the kick when they fire the weapon.

But gun grabbers in the Democrat Party and the media falsely claimed bump stocks turned regular rifles — like the one Paddock used — which fire one bullet for each pull of the trigger into machine guns.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump and then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions fell for this scam and handed the gun grabbers a win by banning bump stocks.

But Donald Trump’s conservative judicial nominees saved the day as an en banc — meaning the entire court heard the case — decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the bump stock ban on the grounds that only Congress had the power to ban bump stocks by passing a bill.

Reuters reports:

A U.S. appeals court on Friday struck down a rule the Trump administration had adopted following a 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting that banned “bump stocks,” devices that allow people to rapidly fire multiple rounds from semi-automatic guns.

In a 13-3 decision, the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that despite “tremendous” public pressure to impose a ban, it was up to the U.S. Congress rather than the president to take action.

While the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF) and Explosives had interpreted a law banning machineguns as extending to bump stocks, U.S. Circuit Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod said the law did not unambiguously prohibit them.

Second Amendment supporters celebrated the news.

“Huge news! The fight on bump stocks is CRITICAL to defending all semiautomatic weapons from an arbitrary ban AND against the Biden ATF’s latest attacks on gun owners AND will help defend Forced Reset Triggers,” Gun Owners of America posted on Twitter.

This is the second big gun rights win in the last six months thanks to conservative justices.

This summer, the Supreme Court put state level gun control on the chopping block by ruling that firearms regulations needed to comport with America’s history and tradition of defending the Second Amendment.

And now Trump’s own justices helped save him from one of the worst decisions of his presidency.

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