Donald Trump stops establishment RINO Tom Emmer from becoming Speaker of the House

Photo by Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The GOP establishment spent the last seven years sabotaging Donald Trump’s agenda.

Trump just struck back.

And Donald Trump dropped the hammer on this swamp RINO sellout.

After 25 swamp RINOs opposed Jim Jordan on the third House floor vote to pick a new Speaker, establishment Republicans voted to dump Jordan as their speaker-designee.

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer was one of the candidates to throw their hat in the ring to be the speaker of the House.

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy already endorsed Emmer’s candidacy as the swamp closed ranks around their chosen RINO.

But establishment Republicans forgot Donald Trump is still the leader of the GOP.

And Trump is planning on killing Emmer’s candidacy as Emmer’s loyalty is to the Mitt Romney/Liz Cheney wing of the party as opposed to Trump’s America First conservative movement.

“Tom Emmer has a long track record of expressing various degrees of disgust for President Trump and his supporters,” one Trumpworld source told The Messenger. “An Emmer speakership is something that won’t go over well in our circles.”

Trump allies began exposing Emmer’s leftist record as Kari Lake advisor Caroline Wren explained that Emmer supports funding Jack Smith’s politically motivated criminal prosecutions of Donald Trump.

Wren said Emmer also has a history of working with George Soros-backed entities.

Emmer also voted for a bill to impose homosexual marriage on all 50 states and override religious liberty protections passed by Republican state legislatures.

In addition, Emmer wants leftist voters in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco to pick the president as he supports ditching the Electoral College for the popular vote picking the president.

Finally, Emmer has a Tucker Carlson problem.

That dates back to the 2022 midterms when Indiana conservative Jim Banks was considering challenging Emmer for majority whip if the GOP won the election.

Carlson believes a source close to Emmer planted a hit piece in The Daily Beast attacking Banks for hiring Carlson’s son as an act of nepotism.

“Deep down, he dies to be liked by the Establishment. He hires Tucker Carlson’s son, a 24-year-old kid, to be his communications director,” the GOP operative told The Daily Beast.

An enraged Carlson called Emmer demanding he give up the staffer who attacked his son.

Emmer refused.

And Carlson is also out to stop Emmer from becoming the next speaker of the House.

“Tucker’s friends and supporters have very long memories,” a source close to Carlson told The Messenger. “Tom may have forgotten about getting caught red-handed planting hit pieces about Tucker’s kid — and lying to Tucker’s face about it. But we haven’t. Bring it on, Tom.”

Tom Emmer made powerful allies by cozying up to the D.C. swamp.

But he also made some powerful enemies.