Ex-CIA Director testifies Hunter Biden laptop letter was Biden campaign’s idea

Donald Trump was right.

And yet the corporate media spent years smearing him as a liar.

And now this phone call is the 2020 bombshell Joe Biden does not want you to know about.

As Great American Daily reports:

This is the corporate media’s worst nightmare.

But the truth is finally out there.

And now the media covered up one phone call that proved Donald Trump was right about 2020.

During the 2020 election Donald Trump touted the New York Post’s blockbuster reporting on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop as disqualifying Joe Biden from the White House due to evidence that the Communist Chinese compromised Biden by paying his family millions of dollars as part of business ventures.

But a letter signed by 51 former intelligence community officials claiming the Hunter Biden laptop was the product of Russian disinformation ensured the Post’s reporting on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop would never take center stage in the 2020 election.

The liberal media created the Russia hoax part two and ignored the Post’s story based on the lie it could be Vladimir Putin trying to steal another election for Donald Trump.

Big Tech censored the Post’s story on Facebook and Twitter.

A poll taken after the election by the Media Research Center found the press and Big Tech’s blackout on the Hunter Biden laptop story proved decisive.

The survey found one in six Biden voters would not have backed him if they knew about the Biden family corruption scandals.

The American people now know the letter falsely claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop was the product of Russian disinformation was a Biden campaign dirty trick.

Former Barack Obama acting CIA Director Michael Morell testified to the Weaponization of the Federal Government committee that a phone call from Biden campaign advisor — and current secretary of state — Antony Blinken spurred him to round up the signatories to the Hunter Biden laptop letter.

Investigative journalist Matt Taibbi — who helped publish the Twitter Files — told Newsmax TV that the corporate media ignoring the bombshell that the Biden campaign spread actual disinformation to deprive the American people of vital material about Joe Biden and his family’s business ventures and potential ties to Communist China is why America is now like Soviet Russia where everyone just assumes whatever they read in the mainstream media is fiction approved by the ruling party.

“There [are] a couple of things about that that are remarkable: Number one, scan the pages of mainstream news coverage today, and you will not see anybody covering that story. That’s the story about Michael Morell admitting his role in that, the former acting CIA Director. That’s a massive story of national consequence, and it’s just simply not in the news, much like the Twitter files reports were completely ignored. So, what kind of country are we living in now? It’s — I went to school — I’m old enough to have gone to college in the Soviet Union and nobody read the newspapers because it was all lies and there was no real news in [them]. Well, we’re starting to come to that same situation in America,” Taibbi stated.

PayPal founding COO David Sacks outlined the insidious way Blinken and Morell put the letter together all without either one ever having to say one word explicating or outlining the plan to have intelligence community officials run cover for Joe Biden.

Sacks wrote:

When Blinken called Morell to express concerns about the Hunter Biden laptop story, did Blinken explicitly need to tell Morell to cook up the letter? Of course not. Morell is a longtime intelligence operative. He knows what to do without being told. 

When Morell then rounded up 50 signatures for the letter, did he explicitly need to remind those former security state operatives that their continued access and career opportunities depended on staying in the good graces of a future Biden administration? Of course not. They know that without being told. 

When the letter was then fed to the media, did the NYT and WashPost reporters explicitly need to be told to emphasize the parts claiming “Russian disinformation” and downplaying the CYA language where the signatories admit they have no evidence? Of course not. The media knows what to do without being told. 

This is how the game is played. All it took was a phone call from Blinken.