Fani Willis’ actions show Trump case is politically motivated

Photo by Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Fani Willis wanted to keep this secret as long as possible.

It will change everything you think about her indictment of Donald Trump.

And Fani Willis confirmed Trump’s worst nightmare with this behind-closed-doors admission.

Fani Willis attended a campaign fundraiser for her 52nd birthday.

In her remarks to her donors, Willis pulled every political trick in the book to make it clear to her supporters that her case against Donald Trump was part of a bigger plan.

Willis claimed she was the actual victim in this case due to the number of threats she received while alleging that what really wounded her was that Donald Trump would supposedly lie about her.

“If you are a leader, you’re going to be attacked. There are some days I’m human and I’m really angry or I’m hurt that somebody would tell a bold-faced lie on me,” Willis told her campaign contributors.

Willis claimed her relief came in the form of prayer and reading scripture.

The Democrat DA then claimed she was just an earnest public servant out to do her job without fear or favor.

“You have these personal moments, when you’re like, ‘Why am I being personally attacked and all I’m out here trying to do is my job?’ And in the reading of that Scripture, what it told me is you ain’t special. That if you are a leader and you’re put in a position where people are going to lie on you, and they’re going to attack you, you have to still do what is the mission. And the mission here is we keep society safe. That everyone is equal. And that the law is protected,” Willis added.

Willis is just another partisan prosecutor corrupting the justice system to suit the Democrat Party’s political ends.

Like Alvin Bragg and Jack Smith before her – Willis twisted the meaning of the law to bring a first-of-its-kind case against Donald Trump.

Willis bent Georgia’s RICO statutes – designed to target organized crime families – to claim Donald Trump engaging in ordinary political activism and the political system to contest the results of the election meant he engaged in a conspiracy to defraud the state of Georgia.

The indictment claimed Trump asking for a recount over the phone with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger amounted to a crime and that Donald Trump asking Americans to watch TV was an act in furtherance of the conspiracy.

Everything Willis told donors was the opposite of truth.