Fani Willis facing questions about alleged romantic relationship with her fellow prosecutor

Photo by The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A sex scandal may doom Fani Willis’ case against Donald Trump.

It’s bad news for Democrats.

That’s because Fani Willis is in deep trouble over this secret getting revealed in court.

Trump campaign consultant Michael Roman dropped a bomb on Willis’s indictment on racketeering charges for assisting Trump in challenging the results of Georgia’s vote in 2020.

In a shocking court filing Roman’s attorney revealed that Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor hired by Willis, met twice at the White House with members of the Biden administration.

Roman’s documentation of Wade requesting reimbursement for travel to the White House put meat on the bones of Donald Trump’s allegations that Joe Biden masterminded the plan to weaponize the justice system at the state and federal level as a means of denying Trump victory in November.

But somehow the revelation that Wade coordinated with the Biden White House during the investigation into Trump was only the second most shocking discovery contained in this court filing.

That’s because Roman’s attorneys also accused Willis of a massive conflict of interest by hiring Wade as special prosecutor while the two were in a romantic relationship.

“The district attorney chose to appoint her romantic partner, who at all times relevant to this prosecution has been a married man. Admittedly, this is a bold allegation considering it is directed to one of the most powerful people in the State of Georgia, the Fulton County District Attorney. Nevertheless, the district attorney’s fame and power do not change the fact that she decided to appoint as the special prosecutor a person with whom she had a personal relationship and who is now leading the day-to-day prosecution of this case. Even assuming this type of nepotism might be forgiven in the abstract, a review of the amount of money that the special prosecutor has been paid by the district attorney and the personal activities of the district attorney and the special prosecutor during the pendency of this prosecution shed light on just how self-serving this arrangement has been,” the filing read.

Wade had never prosecuted a RICO case before and Roman’s lawyers claimed Willis only brought Wade on board due to the fact that they were dating.

Willis paid Wade $654,000 between 2021 and 2023 and the filing alleged Wade and Willis violated federal honest services fraud laws when Wade used the money to pay for the two to go on multiple vacations.

Roman’s lawyers contended Judge Scott McAfee should not allow Willis and Wade to proceed with their prosecution due to the fact that the indictment against Roman stemmed from Wade’s tainted appointment.

These are serious allegations and there is now concrete evidence the charges are compromised both politically and legally.