FBI Director contradicts Adam Schiff’s falsehoods

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Adam Schiff thought he was about to score some major political points.

That plan blew up in his face.

And that’s because Adam Schiff just got publicly humiliated by the last person he ever suspected.

FBI Director Christopher Wray sat for a grilling by the House Judiciary Committee.

Republicans were furious at the FBI’s partisan bias and abuse of power that took place on Wray’s watch.

Beginning in 2020 the FBI began covering up for Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s alleged influence peddling scheme.

The FBI also meddled in the 2020 election by helping Big Tech censor the New York Post’s story about the Hunter Biden laptop.

Wray’s FBI also chased every Trump supporter at the Capitol on January 6 to the ends of the earth while at the same time Wray claimed Antifa was just an idea and never ran a nationwide manhunt for the Black Lives Matter rioters that burned down cities in the summer of 2020.

The FBI also began illegally accessing hundreds of thousands of bank records without a warrant.

Suffice it to say, Republicans believe Wray had a lot to answer for.

But since the FBI now often works on its behalf, Democrats are now stalwart defenders of the Bureau.

Adam Schiff made that clear in his questioning of Wray.

Schiff focused on the media-created narrative that Trump supporters are domestic extremists and the number one threat to the continuation of American democracy.

“Let me ask you broadly about domestic violent extremism,” Schiff stated. “One of your recent reports underscored the rise of this prevalent threat and I’d ask you if you would address it today.”

Wray spent the entire hearing under fire from Republicans and took Schiff’s question as an opportunity to try and pretend he was playing both sides down the middle.

“The rise of domestic violent extremism is something that I and we have been identifying for quite some time. It goes back well before January 6th,” Wray stated.

But then Wray hit Schiff with the fact that political violence and domestic terrorism are also a worry on the left.

“Domestic violent extremism cuts across the spectrum from the racially motivated violent extremism, the militia violent extremism, anarchist violent extremism, environmental violent extremism and of course recently we’ve had a lot of violent extremism attacks against pro-life facilities and we are investigating those,” Wray added.

The most heinous acts of political violence over the last decade – the BLM riots in 2014, 2015 and 2020, the assassination attempts against 20 Republican members of Congress in 2017 and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh – all were caused by the left.

Adam Schiff and the media try to whitewash this fact.