You’ll Be Furious When You See This Gigantic Mitch McConnell Betrayal

RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is one of the most unpopular politicians in America.

It’s easy to see why.

And you’ll be furious when you see this gigantic Mitch McConnell betrayal.

As Great American Daily reports:

Despite being the Senate Republican Caucus leader, Mitch McConnell ended up voting for the most significant portion of Joe Biden’s agenda to pass Congress this year.

And with political allies like McConnell, it’s little wonder that Republicans are upset for having underperformed in many crucial midterm elections this year.

That’s because McConnell has repeatedly demonstrated that he only cares about his own political standing and power rather than any sort of concrete principles.

And now, his latest vote for the $1.7 trillion Biden-backed omnibus bill serves as just another reminder to conservatives about how much Mitch McConnell despises them.

The Hill reports, “Republican Sens. Ron Johnson (Wis.) and Mike Lee (Utah) slammed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and their GOP colleagues on Sunday for supporting the $1.7 trillion omnibus package that Congress sent to President Biden’s desk on Friday.

“The GOP senators had argued it would have been better to wait for the GOP to take control of the House in January to pass an omnibus bill, arguing this would have given Republicans more leverage.”

These complaints from Johnson and Lee are completely legitimate, as they reveal how Mitch McConnell completely handed all the cards over to Joe Biden right before Republicans were set to take control of the House of Representatives.

With a Republican House, conservatives may have been able to win over concessions related to the federal omnibus bill.

But instead, McConnell and 17 other RINO Republicans ended up voting with all the Democrats to pass the bill, despite the fact that the Biden-backed omnibus contained billions in funding for left-wing causes like DEI initiatives and even abortion.

“Our party leadership turned on Republican voters, turned on the Republican base, turned on most Republican senators,” said Senator Mike Lee in a radio interview. “It has happened before, but this is one too many times. For me, this is the final straw.”

The betrayal by McConnell comes at a time when he just finished holding off a challenge to his own position as leader of the Senate Republican Caucus, and his move to throw all conservative principles under the bus in order to help Democrats pass their own budget-busting omnibus bill could represent a turning point in McConnell’s own career.

It is clear that conservatives are fed up with McConnell’s actions, and he could face another leadership challenge in the near future as a result.

“As Republicans scratch their heads over their disappointing midterms, they ought to consider that voters don’t see much of a defining difference with Democrats,” added Mike Lee.

Now, it’s clear that conservatives are beginning to turn on Mitch McConnell, and the latest omnibus vote gives them a long list of left-wing Republicans to put pressure on when the 2024 primary season heats up.