Gold Star families demand Joe Biden and other top officials resign over Afghanistan fiasco

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The pressure is growing to hold Joe Biden accountable for his failures.

It’s reaching critical mass.

And a resignation demand came from one place that Joe Biden can’t ignore.

Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan directly led to the deaths of 13 American troops including Marine Cpl. Humberto Sanchez and Marine Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover.

Biden pulled American troops out of Afghanistan before evacuating all American citizens.

That awful decision combined with Biden lying to the American people about the capability of the Afghan army to withstand the Taliban onslaught led to a fraught situation where Biden needed to send troops back into Afghanistan to secure the Kabul airport to evacuate Americans left behind enemy lines.

Despite this desperate rescue mission Biden’s incompetence led to thousands of Americans stranded in Taliban-held territory.

Biden rushing troops back into the Kabul airport led to a suicide bombing attack by ISIS terrorists that killed 13 brave U.S. service members.

Marine Cpl. Sanchez’s mother, Coral Briseno, and Staff Sgt. Hoover’s father, Darin Hoover, spoke to the Daily Caller about the heartless and cold reception they received from Joe Biden.

Both Gold Star parents ripped Biden for never once saying the names of the 13 troops murdered in the Kabul airport suicide bombing.

“Nobody’s paying for what they did. Nobody is saying ‘yes we messed up’ and ‘I’m sorry,’” Briseno told the Daily Caller. “Biden never said the 13 names. He didn’t say the names because he knows that he failed. That he actually failed our kids and failed our families and messed up.”

“Biden hasn’t said our kids’ names once. Not a single time,” Hoover said in his interview with the Daily Caller. “These kids need to be celebrated. They need to be thanked … They need to have their names said, have them be remembered.”

Hoover and Briseno both agreed that Biden’s bungling of the Afghanistan situation was a failure that should force Biden to resign.

“I would say he needs to resign. Because something else is going to happen and he’s not there 100 percent to take decisions and he needs to resign. Two years ago it was the 13 kids. Maybe next month it’s going to be some other parents losing kids or any other stupid decision that he’s not capable to take,” Briseno stated.

Hoover thought the entire foreign policy and military leadership should resign alongside Biden.

“There is General Milley. There’s Secretary Austin, there’s Secretary Blinken. McKenzie can be involved in that decision as well. Resign. The president needs to resign. Admit their faults,” Hoover declared.

To this day no one has resigned or been fired over the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle.

Joe Biden and the media pretend this stain on America never occurred.

The families of the soldiers killed by ISIS terrorists would like some measure of accountability.

And that starts with Joe Biden.