Hillary Clinton demands retribution against Republicans for ousting Kevin McCarthy

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Hillary Clinton was furious.

Clinton made it clear she expected action.

And Hillary Clinton put out one call for revenge that will send a chill down your spine.

The vitriol spewed forth from all corners of the Washington swamp confirming to many that Matt Gaetz and his allies were right to remove McCarthy over his coziness to the Democrat Party.

Gaetz led a successful revolt to remove McCarthy based on the fact that McCarthy never lifted a finger to stop Democrats from raising the debt ceiling and funding Joe Biden’s woke and weaponized government.

Hillary Clinton lashing out at Gaetz and other conservatives in an interview with CNN showed that Democrats viewed McCarthy as a trusted ally rather than a worthy opponent.

Clinton became hysterical over the fact that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan announced he planned to run for speaker of the House.

Jordan co-founded the House Freedom Caucus in 2015 because then-Speaker John Boehner caved to Barack Obama on successive budget deals to undo sequestration – the mandatory spending cuts Congress won from Obama’s 2011 Budget Control Act – and after Boehner caved to Obama in the fight over defunding Obamacare.

Clinton ranted and raved over the fact that Jordan is a conservative who believes the opposition party’s goal is to oppose as opposed to the McCarthy philosophy of appeasement and accommodation.

“He is one of the principal ringleaders of the circus that’s been created in the Republican Party for the last several years. I have no inside knowledge about what the Republicans will do, who they will end up voting for. But when do they put the country first?” Clinton raged.

Clinton then claimed that conservatives are a tiny minority of the GOP and implored the rest of the party to “put the country first.”

“They do not represent a majority of even the Republican Party. When you look at the extremists in the House, they certainly don’t represent a majority of the country. Somebody has to stand up and say, ‘Enough!’” Clinton continued.

What Clinton means by “put the country first” is that Republicans should roll over and die for Democrats’ demands for the Green New Deal, amnesty banning and confiscating firearms, woke ideology in the classrooms, and trillions in new socialist spending.

Democrats would never think to “put the country first” and close the border due to the illegal immigration crisis or slash spending to reverse the sea of red ink that drove America to $33 trillion in debt.

Clinton then called for a purge of conservatives and anyone who believes in standing up to the left’s radical agenda.

“At some point, there needs to be a backlash against the control that this small group of extremists have. And I don’t know who will lead that, but let’s hope whoever becomes the new speaker will,” Clinton stated.