Ilhan Omar repeats Hamas lies

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism is becoming a major political liability for the Democrat Party.

The left’s Ilhan Omar problem is now a nightmare.

And what Ilhan Omar just said about Hamas will make your hair stand on end.

Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism is well documented.

Before coming to Congress, Omar promoted anti-Semitic tropes about a cabal of Jewish billionaires manipulating American politics.

Once in Congress, Omar never missed an opportunity to attack Israel and excuse the Islamic terrorists targeting Israel for destruction.

But critics contend Omar’s pro-Hamas sympathies crossed a line with her statements equating the Hamas terrorists who murdered 900 innocent Jews to the Israeli military.

“Just as we honor the humanity of the hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians and 9 Americans who were killed this weekend, we must honor the humanity of the innocent Palestinian civilians who have been killed and whose lives are upended,” Omar wrote in response to the horrific Hamas terrorist attack in Israel.

“As the world is condemning Hamas’s attacks, we must also oppose an Israeli military response that has already taken the lives of hundreds of Palestinians, including nearly two dozen children,” Omar continued.

Within two days, the press exposed the depths of the depravity of the Hamas terrorists for all to see.

i24’s Nicole Zedeck reported from Kibbutz Kfar Aza where Israeli soldiers discovered evidence that Hamas terrorists murdered 40 babies by beheading them.

“Many of them coming here Saturday night and they knew that no other soldiers had been here yet. And so they kind of knew an idea of what was happening. But but they, no one could expect that it would be like this. The horrors that I’m hearing from these soldiers, as I mentioned earlier, about 40 babies at least, were taken out on gurneys. Still right now, they’re going house to house, still evacuating dead bodies. The Israeli citizens who were killed,” Zedeck reported.

The i24 anchor was stunned by this report and couldn’t believe anyone was capable of such evil and asked Zedeck to clarify what she said.

Zedeck then showed the audience overturned cribs and strollers that Hamas terrorists snatched the babies out of before murdering them.

“And you continue to see just cribs overturned, strollers left behind all of these doors wide open. He said we don’t know the exact number of casualties because they’re still collecting dead bodies, still going door to door, because the active fighting here just stopped. He said it came in waves almost every 20 minutes. They thought maybe, okay, I think we finally cleared all the terrorists and then 30 minutes later, another cell would emerge. So it was ongoing. And even when they thought that it had finally ended, more terrorists popped up out of nowhere,” Zedeck added.

The Hamas terrorist attack on Israel is a situation with a clear bad guy committing clear acts of evil.

And many Americans were appalled that Omar could not bring herself to articulate that reality.