Impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden likely to begin next month

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The investigation into Joe Biden’s corruption is growing bigger by the day.

Now Biden has another big crisis staring him right in the face.

And a federal prosecutor broke the impeachment news Joe Biden never wanted to hear.

Joe Biden can expect Republicans to begin an impeachment inquiry by October according to a prominent member of the Congress and former federal prosecutor and Fox News legal analyst Andrew McCarthy.

Appearing on Fox News McCarthy told hosts Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino that he believed Republicans would vote to open an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden in October just as the Democrats begin their show trials against Donald Trump.

“When you mentioned before that the next debate was coming up in a month, I was thinking the week after the next debate, Trump’s first big civil trial starts in New York. And he could be on trial himself pretty much from October through next summer, depending on how these cases cut. We keep talking about the four criminal cases. There’s also three civil trials coming up between October and the end of, probably the end of March,” McCarthy predicted.

McCarthy predicted Trump supporters in the House of Representatives would push to hold Joe Biden accountable for lying about his involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings to counteract the Democrats waging lawfare to interfere in the 2024 election.

“So I think there will be a lot of pressure, especially from Trump supporters in the House, that if the Biden investigation is going anywhere, it ought to be a parallel investigation to what’s going on with Trump. I think there’ll be a lot of pressure to say, you know, if Democrats are going to put Trump through these paces, that the Biden investigation’s gonna be ratcheted up. I think that’s just the way our politics works,” McCarthy added.

Right on cue, one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters in the House of Representatives, Florida Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, posted on social media that the word among House Republicans was that the GOP majority would hold a vote on opening an impeachment inquiry into Biden in October.

Republicans uncovered a mountain of evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption.

The House Oversight Committee received testimony from Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer that Hunter Biden was selling “the brand” – access to his father, the vice president – when he put Joe Biden on speakerphone 20 times during business meetings.

Investigators also uncovered bank records showing foreign oligarchs in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Russia funneling $20 million in payments to the Biden family and their associates.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden appeared at dinners with some of these oligarchs.

Joe Biden also used the alias “Robert L. Peters” when as vice president he would copy Hunter Biden on emails pertaining to government business in Ukraine.

And finally, Republicans revealed the FBI has a FD-1023 form in their possession where a credible source described allegations that the founder of Burisma paid then-Vice President Joe Biden a $5 million bribe to use the power of his office to force the president of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor whose corruption investigations damaged the company’s bottom line.

Biden later bragged that as vice president he successfully blackmailed the Ukrainian president into firing the prosecutor by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid.

An impeachment inquiry would give House Republicans greater power to subpoena bank records which could show this foreign money ending up in Joe Biden’s bank accounts as well as more witness testimony to unravel the Biden family’s alleged foreign influence peddling scheme.

And it looks like this is all about to come to a head in October.