Jack Smith proposes trial date right before Iowa Caucus

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr.com

The 2024 election will be dominated by the lawfare against Donald Trump.

It is the defining campaign issue.

And Democrats just revealed how they will stop Trump from winning the nomination.

Special Counsel Jack Smith told the federal court in Washington, D.C. on Thursday that prosecutors want to start the trial of Donald Trump on January 2, 2024 – just before the Iowa caucuses launch-off the Republican presidential primary.

A federal jury has indicted Trump on multiple felony charges related to the 2020 presidential election which include Conspiracy to Defraud the United States, Conspiracy to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, Attempt to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, and Conspiracy Against Rights.

Former President Donald Trump wasted no time Thursday responding to the proposed court dates, calling Jack Smith a “lunatic.”

Trump made sure to highlight the fact that the criminal proceedings being timed to take place during his presidential campaign was definitely election interference.

“Deranged Jack Smith has just asked for a trial on the Biden Indictment to take place on January 2nd., just ahead of the important Iowa Caucuses,” Trump wrote. “Only an out of touch lunatic would ask for such a date, ONE DAY into the New Year, and maximum Election Interference with IOWA!”

“Such a trial, which should never take place due to my First Amendment Rights, and massive BIDEN CORRUPTION, should only happen, if at all, AFTER THE ELECTION,” he added. “The same with other Fake Biden Indictments. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”

It was also revealed last week that Smith secured a search warrant for the official Twitter account of Donald Trump in January 2023.

The Justice Department also obtained a “nondisclosure order” which prohibited Twitter from notifying Trump about the warrant.

″The district court found probable cause to search the Twitter account for evidence of criminal offenses,” the ruling says.

“Moreover, the district court found that there were ‘reasonable grounds to believe’ that disclosing the warrant to former President Trump ‘would seriously jeopardize the ongoing investigation’ by giving him ’an opportunity to destroy evidence, change patterns of behavior . . . or notify confederates.”

“Just found out that Crooked Joe Biden’s DOJ secretly attacked my Twitter account, making it a point not to let me know about this major ‘hit’ on my civil rights,” Trump said in reaction to the news on Truth Social on Wednesday.

“My Political Opponent is going CRAZY trying to infringe on my Campaign for President. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Does the First Amendment still exist? Did Deranged Jack Smith tell the Unselects to DESTROY & DELETE all evidence? These are DARK DAYS IN AMERICA!”