Jim Jordan finds more evidence showing expansive FBI plot to target devout Catholics

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

The Joe Biden scandals keep multiplying.

The Republican investigations continue to bear fruit.

And Jim Jordan uncovered the smoking gun that will ruin Joe Biden.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has overseen the Bureau morph into the enforcement arm of the Democrat Party.

Republicans got their hands on an FBI memo targeting traditional Catholics as domestic extremists.

Wray claimed in his testimony before Congress that the memo was the work of a single field office out of Richmond and that he was appalled by the scheme to unleash the FBI on Bible-believing Catholics and shut the program down.

But that testimony proved not to be true.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) got his hands on a less-redacted version of the memo targeting Catholics and found the Richmond Field Office conspired with two other field offices in Portland and Los Angeles to develop a plan to deploy spies to infiltrate the Catholic Church.

The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel outlined the FBI plan to target Catholics who opposed Biden’s woke policies on abortion, transgenderism and the homosexuality agenda with the unlimited power of federal law enforcement.

Strassel wrote the three FBI field offices colluded with one undercover spy who attended Catholic mass as part of the plan to infiltrate the Church.


“On July 25 the FBI finally provided the committee with a less-redacted version of that Richmond document. The report says that its information on Catholics was ‘primarily derived’ from an ‘FBI Richmond contact’; an ‘FBI Portland liaison contact’ who informed on a subject who ‘gravitated to’ traditionalist catholicism; and an ‘FBI Undercover Employee’ who reported on a subject who attended a Catholic church in California,” Strassel wrote.

“It also says the FBI’s Los Angeles field office ‘initiated an investigation’ into a subject, and that the Richmond office ‘[c]oordinated with’ FBI Portland to prepare the field report. In other words, this was a widespread bureau effort. Why was this suspicion about religion so widespread at the FBI?” Strassel added.

The FBI already got caught targeting parents who protested mask mandates and critical race theory at school board meetings as domestic terrorists.

Now the FBI is moving on from parents to Christians as part of what conservatives see as a concerted effort to use lawfare to enforce the political will of the Democrat Party.

And this bombshell document showing Director Wray misleading Congress could be used in impeachment proceedings against Wray and Joe Biden.