What Joe Biden Just Admitted About Hunter Biden Will Leave Your Jaw On the Floor

Joe Biden is feeling the heat.

Biden’s under criminal investigation and more shoes continue to drop.

And now Joe Biden made a damning confession about Hunter Biden that could lead to prison.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Joe Biden’s lawyers came clean on the fact that Biden stole classified documents and hid them all over his Delaware home.

Biden stashed one batch in his garage next to his Corvette and one clutch of classified documents in his personal library.

It later came out that Hunter Biden owned the home where Biden hoarded his stolen classified documents.

Conservative podcast host Comfortably Smug pointed out the obvious national security risk posed by squirreling away classified documents in Hunter Biden’s house.

“Biden’s drug addicted son who was chronically in need of cash and had questionable foreign business dealings had access to classified materials. Amazing,” Comfortably Smug posted on Twitter.

This is no laughing matter.

In a 2016 CNBC interview with former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, Biden admitted Hunter Biden had access to the garage where Biden stashed the stolen classified materials.

“My two sons, Beau, who passed away, and my son Hunter decided as a Christmas gift to have the engine rebuilt for me,” Biden told Leno.

Back at the start of 2022, a New York Post reporter asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if the administration would release the visitor logs from the Delaware home that everyone now knows is owned by Hunter Biden.

“Will the White House be reconsidering the decision not to release visitor log information from his Delaware residences?” the Post asked.

Jean-Pierre refused to come clean as to who was visiting an unsecured home housing classified documents.

“A lot of presidents go visit their home when they are president. We also have gone a step further than the prior administration, and many administrations, in releasing visitor logs of people who visit the White House and will continue to do that,” Jean-Pierre responded.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy tried again on the day of the bombshell discovery that Joe Biden housed stolen classified documents at Hunter Biden’s house.

Jean-Pierre once again would not answer the question.

Hunter Biden raked in millions on business deals from Communist China in deals with shady characters linked to Chinese intelligence.

And Joe Biden left classified materials hanging around the house and refuses to tell the American people who came in and out of the property.

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