One Key Joe Biden Ally Ended Up With Egg On Their Face After What the Camera Caught Them Saying

Democrats hoped no one was watching.

But they were not that lucky.

And one key Joe Biden ally ended up with egg on their face after what the camera caught them saying.

As Great American Daily reports:

Democrats have constantly investigated former President Donald Trump and several of them are still continuing to do so. 

  • The former president is being investigated by the Democratic Manhattan district attorney and the state of New York for allegations of fraud.
  • The Department of Justice and prosecutors in Georgia are investigating for his role in the Jan. 6 riots.
  • That isn’t the only investigation the DOJ is running; they are also looking into classified documents that he took with him to his Mar-a-Lago residence.
  • On Oct. 21, he was subpoenaed by the January 6th committee, a House committee made specifically to investigate Jan 6th.

Democrats have a habit of constantly throwing mud at Trump and hoping something will stick. 

According to NBC News in 2019 when Trump was president, 14 Democratic-led House committees were investigating him. 

“The investigations include whether Trump obstructed justice in the Russia probes, whether his businesses inflated their assets, how his daughter and son-in-law obtained their security clearances, whether he used his power to interfere with mergers, how his actions might have slowed aid to Puerto Rico, and conflict of interest allegations involving Cabinet members.” NBC reported. 

Yet now that Congress is back in the hands of Republicans, Democrats are claiming that it isn’t the role of Congress to do any investigations. 

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) claimed that investigations are “part of the administration, and we ought not be interfering with the Justice Department doing its work.”

Clyburn stated, “I don’t know what it takes for people not to understand that this is a democracy. This is a body of the Congress that we are trying to maintain credibility with, and we’re not going to do that by opening up all kinds of suspicions about the institutions in our society. I know a little bit about the institutions not being trusted. We need to build trust in these institutions, and you cannot do that by opening up investigations into the investigations that are, in fact, taking place. That’s exactly what they’re talking about doing. They want to investigate the investigations that are underway by the Justice Department that ought to be independent of all that we do here. That is part of the administration, and we ought not be interfering with the Justice Department doing its work.”

What Democrats really believe is that they should be able to launch whatever baseless and vindictive investigations they want while Republican shouldn’t try and investigate the many clearly documented abuses of power by Democrats or the federal government. 

Clyburn couldn’t make the hypocrisy of Democrats more clear.

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