Joe Biden Doesn’t Want One Damning Email To See The Light Of Day

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The Joe Biden corruption investigations continue to unearth bombshell evidence.

It will destroy the Democrats and the media’s falsehood about there being no proof of Joe Biden’s wrongdoing.

Joe Biden doesn’t want one damning email to see the light of day.

As Great American Daily reports:

The House Oversight Committee came to learn of the existence of a December 5, 2015, email from then-Vice President Joe Biden’s communications director Kate Bedingfield to Hunter Biden business associate Eric Schwerin.

Schwerin and Bedingfield were discussing the response to forthcoming articles in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal about the Biden family’s involvement with business in Ukraine in light of the fact that Joe Biden ran point on the Obama administration’s policy towards that country.

Bedingfield wrote to Schwerin that “VP” – meaning Joe Biden – “signed off on this” in reference to a statement Schwerin could provide to both media outlets to help shape the press narrative about the Bidens’ ties to Ukraine.×900

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds sits on the House Oversight Committee and holds a bird’s-eye view into Biden investigations as well as the evidence gathered implicating Biden in an alleged foreign influence peddling scheme.

Donalds told Fox News host Martha MacCallum that this latest bombshell email was so damning because it was yet another piece of evidence showing Joe Biden lied when he said he had no idea what was going on with Hunter Biden’s business schemes.

“The reason why this email is so damning is because once again, it proves that Joe Biden knew exactly what was going on the entire time. If he had no idea, why is this communications director putting together a email with Eric Schwerin stipulating to that fact? The reason why you put a email together like this in such detail and they’re going back and forth is to try to create further separation,” Donalds explained.

Donalds said this email added urgency to the fight to force the National Archives to cough up the 5,400 emails then-Vice President Joe Biden used fake names on when passing on government business about Ukraine to Hunter Biden.

“What will clear all of this up are these 5,400 emails that the National Archives has had this entire time where Joe Biden is using fake names to communicate apparently with his son and a whole lot of other people,” Donalds continued.

The momentum behind an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden keeps growing.

An impeachment inquiry would add force to GOP subpoenas for bank records and documents pertaining to Joe Biden’s potential involvement in what looks like an alleged family business of influence peddling.