Joe Biden goes to the beach after Hamas terrorist attack on Israel

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Joe Biden has been a disaster in world affairs.

But Biden’s bunging is beyond the point of dangerous.

And Joe Biden may start World War 3 in this insane way.

President Joe Biden and the First Lady were caught on camera over the weekend strolling along Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, while American hostages remained in the hands of Hamas terrorists and American troops were on orders to prepare-to-deploy to the Middle East.

While Biden was enjoying his walk on the beach, a reporter called out to the President asking about the release of Americans being held hostage by Hamas terrorists.

But Biden merely waved and continued on his walk.

“Americans are still being held hostage by Hamas terrorists—and Joe Biden is at the beach,” RNC Research posted on X along with a video of the seaside exchange.

White House deputy spokesperson Andrew Bates responded to the criticism levelled at Biden saying, “As has been the case for the better part of a century, Presidents can execute the full range of their duties from anywhere in the world – whether it’s a war zone in Israel or 100 miles from the White House in Delaware.”

Bates went on to tell Fox News Digital on Monday that Biden “works long hours every day” and had spoken with several world leaders about his “support for Israel’s right to defend itself and push for aid to innocent Palestinians.”

The New York Post reported back in September that Biden has spent a record-breaking 40% of his presidency away from the White House and frequently shielded from view.

Many believe Biden’s frequent absences from the White House signify that the 80-year-old isn’t really running the country at all.

“It’s not ‘President Biden’, it’s Puppet Biden,” said GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy according to the New York Post.

“The managerial class uses Joe Biden as a front to advance its own agenda,” Ramaswamy said. “To them, Biden’s cognitive impairment isn’t a bug, and his vacation-day record isn’t a problem: It’s a feature.”

Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky) said, “With the amount of time this president is spending away from the White House, visitor records should be made public from all of Joe Biden’s residences,” said committee chairman James Comer (R-Ky.).

“Americans deserve the transparency they were promised from the Biden administration. All they are getting is obstruction.”