Joe Biden Just Found Out This Key 2024 State Is Lost For Good

Joe Biden is making preparations for a re-election campaign.

Biden got hit with some bad news.

And Joe Biden just found out this key 2024 state is lost for good.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Traditionally, there has been one swing state in America which has determined the outcome of nearly every single presidential election for the last 30 years.

Having voted for the winner of every presidential election of the last three decades, save one, Florida has routinely been hailed as a “must-win” state for Republicans and Democrats alike.

And as the largest swing state in the country, Florida’s 30 electoral votes makes it a king maker in its own right.

But the problem Democrats have in the sunshine state means that Florida is starting off the next election cycle virtually unwinnable for Joe Biden.

Politico reports, “Manny Diaz, the former Miami mayor who had pledged to rebuild the Florida Democratic Party after years of losses, abruptly announced his immediate resignation as party chair on Monday amid growing calls for his ouster.

Diaz’s departure came after Florida Democrats suffering some of their worst losses ever, including the re-election of Gov. Ron DeSantis by 19 points over Charlie Crist, the election of a supermajority in the Florida Legislature and the flipping of several counties including once-reliable blue Miami-Dade County.”

It’s obvious that the Florida Democratic Party is in the process of disintegrating.

With Ron DeSantis having crushed his Democrat opponent in the largest Republican landslide in the state in over 150 years, Democrats in the Sunshine State are in disarray.

And there’s no sign that things are getting any better either.

In fact, the Democratic Party is also massively in debt, and with no leadership structure in place, it’s clear that Joe Biden is starting off with a massive handicap in America’s largest swing state in 2024.

In fact, many political commentators are arguing that Florida should not even be classified as a swing state at all.

And if Democrats cannot force Republicans to spend millions of dollars securing Florida, like they had to do in 2020, that means more resources are available to target other top swing states in the Midwest and Sunbelt.

For Joe Biden, this development is a disaster.

Democrats simply cannot afford to allow Republicans to clench Florida’s electoral votes without a fight.

And yet, without a functioning state party and with Florida Democrats having just finished losing the biggest blowout in decades, it appears that is exactly what will happen in 2024.

Without the ability to win Florida, Biden’s path to the White House forces him to win some combination of Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, in addition to being forced to carry all three major swing states in the Midwest.

This effectively puts Democrats on the defensive heading into the next presidential cycle, marking a dramatic turn of events from the previous two decades where Democrats have been able to go on the offensive in the electoral college.