Joe Biden Stuns Nancy Pelosi By Calling Trump The ‘Future President’

Joe Biden and Donald Trump may face off yet again in the 2024 General Election.

Biden has some bad news for his party.

And Joe Biden made one prediction about Donald Trump that left Nancy Pelosi shaken.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Joe Biden just made a prediction for the future and it’s the last thing Democrats want.

It’s shocking he said it in public.

And Nancy Pelosi was horrified when Biden said these two words about Trump.

It’s clear to the average American that President Joe Biden is mentally declining and often makes unbelievable gaffes during his addresses.

“As you can tell, I’ve only been around a few years — like 400,” Biden said jokingly after declaring he’s “never been more optimistic about America’s future than I am today” in a recent speech.

The 80-year-old President also seemed openly pessimistic about his chances of winning reelection last Thursday, referring to Donald Trump as the “maybe future president” of the United States.

“I had a big fight with the former president — and maybe future president,” Biden said – adding as the audience booed, “Bless me, Father.”

“The big fight you may remember going on was was our good friend, the former president, decided all the inspectors general … he fired them all.”

“I said, ‘You shouldn’t do that.’ Well, guess what? Now we’re finding out there’s billions of [COVID-19 relief] dollars were stolen.”

Pelosi, who watched the address from her office, was not happy and openly rebuked Biden for saying Trump could possibly be reelected.

“Oh, please. Don’t even say such a thing,” Pelosi said. “That isn’t kidding. That’s horrible.”

However, despite the Democrats horror, many polls are showing Trump with a slight lead in a Biden/Trump rematch.

A national Washington Post/ABC News poll found Trump led Biden by 3 points among registered voters at 48%-45% last month.

A national poll in February from Quinnipiac University found Biden ahead of Trump by a narrow 2 points, 48%-46%.

Another poll showed nearly half of likely Democratic voters (along with most Republican voters) consider Biden too old to run again.

According to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll, 68% believe Joe Biden is “too old for another term.”

“At this stage, I think it is fair to say it will be a very competitive election if Biden and Trump are the two nominees,” Democrat pollster Jeff Horwitt said.

“Having two candidates in a rematch who have been in public life for decades is just not a normal occurrence, so I’m not sure there is any great historical precedent in the modern era,” Horwitt added.

And that’s the best spin Democrats can put on a Trump/Biden faceoff in 2024 – that the two men “have been in public life for decades.”

If Biden wins a second term – and somehow makes it through another four years – he will be 86 years-old when he leaves the White House.