John Fetterman Continues To Be Absent From The U.S. Senate

Pennsylvania Democrat Senator John Fetterman is under fire.

Fetterman hid the truth from voters about his health.

And John Fetterman is missing and everyone is asking this question.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman’s future is the subject of much speculation.

Democrats are close to crisis mode.

And Democrats are hiding the fact that this is when they want John Fetterman to step down.

John Fetterman lied to Pennsylvania voters telling them he would be fine in January to work a normal schedule as a senator after suffering a stroke last May.

It turned out Fetterman’s stroke nearly killed him and Fetterman did not take enough time to recover and instead rushed back on the trail because Democrats cared more about keeping their majority in the Senate.

Once in the Senate the true extent of Fetterman’s mental and physical infirmities became clear.

Fetterman entered the hospital following Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech after experiencing headaches.

Less than two weeks later Fetterman was back in the hospital to receive treatment for clinical depression.

The New York Times came clean and revealed that Fetterman’s depression resulted in large part from realizing by rushing back to campaign Fetterman did not take enough time to recover and will now live as a shell of his former self.

Residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are paying the price for having a cognitively and physically impaired senator as Fetterman missed 83 percent of the roll call votes since entering the Senate.

Fox News reports:

Democratic Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman has missed nearly 83% of Senate roll call votes since checking himself into a hospital to receive treatment for clinical depression last month.

According to government watchdog GovTrack, Fetterman has missed 53 of the 64 Senate roll call votes held during February and March. His average falls well beyond the lifetime record for missed votes for all current senators, which stands at 2.3%.

Wednesday will mark six weeks since Fetterman first checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on the night of February 15, and there is still no clear indication as to when he might return to work. His office has provided periodic updates, including that he is making progress towards his recovery, as well as that he has been able to continue doing some work from the hospital.

Fetterman cannot speak in coherent and complete sentences.

Fetterman also cannot understand basic conversation without giant computer screens and special audio transcription software.

Fetterman is clearly not mentally capable of serving as senator.

But the status of his health is still a mystery.

Fetterman entered the hospital six weeks ago to begin treatment and there is no update on when he will return to the Senate.

The senator has not made his doctors available to answer real questions about his cognitive and physical state following the stroke.

Voters only got updates on Fetterman from the same people who spent all of the campaign lying about Fetterman’s health.

Democrats do not want to put too much out about Fetterman’s condition because it will be obvious to everyone that he cannot function as a senator and will have to resign.

But if Fetterman resigns before the next election there will be a special election in November 2024 when Democrats are already facing a challenging Senate map.

Democrats are already facing tough races in Montana, Ohio, West Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and the other Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

If Fetterman’s seat is suddenly in play that is tens of millions of more dollars Democrats will need to raise that they cannot spend defending the swing seats already on the board.