John Fetterman offers stunning reaction to idea Gavin Newsom could challenge Joe Biden in a Democrat Party

Gavin Newsom
Photo by Gage Skidmore via

John Fetterman can’t help himself.

The Pennsylvania Democrat knows just when it’s the wrong time to say the wrong thing.

And John Fetterman made one bizarre 2024 announcement that had everyone talking.

California Governor Gavin Newsom continues to stoke speculation he’s warming up in the bullpen to replace Biden on the 2024 ticket.

Newsom’s latest stunt was traveling to Communist China to kowtow before Dictator Xi Jinping.

Newsom claimed he was there to discuss “renewing our friendship and reengaging (on) foundational and fundamental issues that will determine our collective faith in the future.”

By that, Newsom meant assuring Xi that Newsom shared Biden’s goal of entering into a global Green New Deal agreement which would bring about the “Great Reset” that would redistribute American wealth and jobs to Communist China and other third-world nations under the guise of combatting climate change.

Newsom and Biden share the goal of forcing Americans to buy electric vehicles.

That works to Communist China’s advantage as it owns a virtual monopoly in the minerals necessary to produce electric vehicle batteries.

“According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), China produces about 75% of all lithium-ion batteries, a key part of EVs, worldwide. The nation also boasts 70% of production capacity for cathodes and 85% for anodes, two key components of such batteries,” Fox News reports.

“In addition, more than 50% of lithium, cobalt and graphite processing and refining capacity is located in China, the IEA data showed. Those three critical minerals, in addition to copper and nickel, are vital for EV batteries. Chinese investment firms have also been aggressive in purchasing stakes in African mines, especially those rich with cobalt in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in recent years to ensure a firm control over mineral production,” Fox News also reports.

Conservatives slammed Newsom for continuing to audition for the role of Democrat nominee for president in 2024 by sucking up to Communist China and showing he will stooge for America’s number-one enemy.

But leave it to Pennsylvania Democrat Senator John Fetterman to put an exclamation point on this farce.

Fetterman reposted the Fox News article about Newsom trying to undermine Biden’s position as leadership of the Democrat Party and responded with an insult written in gibberish.

“Governor Newsom hoping to replace Biden? Absurd. Consider the source. I’m confident there’s a perfectly good explanation for the ‘banana peels’ line item from his last campaign finance report,” Fetterman wrote on X.