John Fetterman sucks up to Big Labor at autoworkers strike

Photo by Governor Tom Wolfe on

John Fetterman desperately wants to distract attention from the mounting questions on his fitness to serve in office.

But Fetterman’s course of action just left everyone shaking their heads.

And John Fetterman has a lot explaining to do after this embarrassing public display.

There is perhaps nobody in politics who is more fraudulent than John Fetterman, who likes to present himself as a “man of the people.”

He dresses and acts like he’s a Western Pennsylvania steel worker, even though he spent most of his life unemployed and living off his parents.
The reality about John Fetterman is that he has never had a career or been a productive member of society in any way. He is a man-child who is somehow serving in the United States Senate.

Now he is taking his “blue collar man of the people” schtick to an embarrassing extreme and is literally pretending to be something he’s not.
Fetterman showed up at a UAW strike and decided to go on “strike” himself – even though he’s not blue-collar worker in any way.

According to, “Senator John Fetterman (D-Penn.) took a page from President Joe Biden’s playbook to prove that he’s truly a blue-collar man of the people, and on Thursday joined United Auto Workers (UAW) on the picket line outside a General Motors facility in Langhorne, outside of Philadelphia.”
The fact Fetterman would show up in a public place and act like he’s a striking auto worker, even though he’s never held a blue-collar job, is embarrassing.
The article goes on to point out that inconvenient fact about Fetterman, saying, “Thursday’s time on the picket line was likely to shore up votes for the Democrats in the Keystone State next year but was also Fetterman’s latest attempt to cast himself as a blue-collar guy, despite the fact that he received a Master of Public Policy degree from Harvard and has largely been a career politician.”

But the truth is even worse than that.

Not only has Fetterman “largely been a career politician” like the article says, but according to a New York Post article from last year, “Not only did Fetterman grow up in the wealthy suburb of York, Pa., his parents financially supported him and his family for the entire 13 years he was mayor of Braddock — a part-time job that paid him just $150 a year — until he was sworn in as lieutenant governor in 2019 at the age of 49. In 2015 alone, his parents paid him a $54,000 salary.”

John Fetterman went nearly his whole life without a job, making $150 a year and getting the rest from his parents. That’s why he’s being widely mocked for pretending to be a striking auto worker.