John Fetterman’s wife makes stunning admission

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Senator John Fetterman is facing renewed questions about his physical health.

Fetterman’s never been truly transparent about what’s really happening.

And John Fetterman’s wife revealed a truth that will change everything.

Gisele Fetterman has been criticized often for her behavior during her husband’s campaign and his subsequent tenure as a U.S. senator.

She has often come across as someone who craves the spotlight and wants to promote herself and is using her husband as a vessel to catapult herself to fame.

But she and John have three children together, and Gisele recently delivered news about them that sent shockwaves through D.C.

According to The Cut, which posted an interview with Gisele Fetterman, her family has struggled to deal with the failing health of her husband.

The article says, “Fetterman’s own capacity was tested in the middle of the Senate campaign in May 2022, when she stepped in as her husband’s surrogate following his hospitalization for a massive stroke. She delivered the victory speech when he won the Democratic Senate primary four days later.”

“More candid conversations had taken place at home. Fetterman’s children asked her if their father was going to die. ‘I don’t know,’ she told them. ‘Whatever happens, we’re going to make it through.’ Rather than reassure her kids, Fetterman gave them the truth. ‘I want them to always be able to come to me if it’s hard or complicated or whatever,’ Fetterman says. ‘If they have questions, they know I’m going to be honest with them.’”

The fact that her children had this type of reaction is shocking news that reveals why John Fetterman should probably be spending time at home, instead of in D.C. trying to be a senator.

His children were terrified that they were going to lose their dad. And yet, even as he has struggled from the aftereffects of his stroke, Fetterman continues attempting to keep his political career alive instead of staying home, resting, and spending time with his family.

The article gets even darker: “Debilitating depression followed. Fetterman had never felt hopeless in her mind before, but she understood the trapped feeling of chronic pain. She’d already read books about depression 14 years earlier, when she’d first suspected John was suffering but before he’d acknowledged it. ‘I’ve tried to get him to read some. I wanted him to see it,’ she says. ‘But someone has to get there on their own.’ She encouraged everyone in the family to go to therapy.”

The fact that her and John’s young children had to go through something like this, which was almost certainly made worse by their decision to continue the campaign, is heartbreaking.

Perhaps it’s time for John Fetterman to make a decision about his priorities and step down as a U.S. senator.