John Kerry Says Joe Biden Will Appease Communist China On Climate Change

Joe Biden’s globalist agenda is real.

But up until now Biden kept it hidden from the American people.

And John Kerry let slip tis scary Joe Biden plan to create a new world order.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Joe Biden’s most sinister plan is coming to fruition.

It’s bad news for all Americans.

And now Joe Biden is about to cut one secret deal to create the new world order.

Despite the fact Communist China is America’s number one adversary and is plotting to replace the United States as the world’s leading superpower, Biden administration climate-control czar John Kerry said Joe Biden would happily enter into a climate change deal with the Communist Chinese that would destroy the American economy.

“We have to work with China, we have to work with India,” Kerry told Yahoo News in an exclusive interview.

“We even have to find a way, ultimately, if we can resolve the war in Ukraine, to work with Russia, because Russia is a huge emitter. And any one of these countries has an ability — if it doesn’t move to change its energy base — to make it much harder for the rest of the world, if not impossible, to reach the goals we’ve set.”

Kerry told Yahoo News that Biden has given him carte blanche authority to cut a climate deal with Communist China – even as the Chinese Communist Party is actively preparing for war against America with an invasion of Taiwan.

“President Biden empowered me to reach out to China and work with China, which we have done for two years, and with some effect,” Kerry added. “Not as much as we need, ultimately.”

A Communist Chinese invasion of Taiwan will likely start with attacks on U.S. forces stationed in Japan and Guam.

But John Kerry views the Communist Chinese preparing to kill American soldiers as a trivial issue – one that the administration can’t “get bogged down” on.

“Our president has tried hard to separate climate from the other issues that are real that we obviously have with China, but we can’t get bogged down by that, because this is a universally felt existential challenge to the planet,” Kerry continued. “And it’s important that the two largest economies in the world work to try to resolve it.”

The climate deal Kerry seeks to cut with China would force the United States to give up all fossil fuels on a much quicker timeline than the radical left’s goal of 2050.

Meanwhile, Kerry admits the deal will hand the Communist Chinese a competitive advantage by allowing them to keep their coal plants operating because “they [Communist China] can’t suddenly unemploy their entire population and survive.”

Kerry and Biden understand closing down coal plants in the US will put workers out of a job.

But that’s ok with Kerry – U.S. power plant workers can join the unemployment line while he makes a deal that keeps Communist China’s energy industry workers on the job.

Communist China believes the 21st century is when they will eclipse the United States.

And now John Kerry is on the record admitting the Biden plan to deal with Communist China is unconditional economic surrender.