Jury Verdict in E. Jean Carroll Lawsuit Against Trump Surprises Many

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Democrats keeps trying to weaponize the courts to stop Donald Trump.

Conservatives are furious.

And a jury verdict on Donald Trump was the last thing anyone ever expected.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Democrats weaponized the legal system to try and take down Donald Trump.

And a jury found Trump not guilty of one charge that left Democrats stunned.

Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll sued Donald Trump alleging Trump raped her in the mid-1990s in a Bergdorf Goodman’s department store and then defamed her by denying the allegation saying she is “not my type.”

Carroll brought the defamation lawsuit — long after the statute of limitations expired — at the suggestion of Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway in 2019.

Then Carroll filed a civil suit alleging rape in 2022 after New York State passed a statute allowing for a one-year “look-back” window for “Me Too” accusers to bring lawsuits for alleged attacks that occurred outside the statute of limitations.

Carroll — a partisan Democrat — never breathed a word in public about the rape allegation until 2019 when she included it in a book she was trying to sell.

Carroll could not remember what year Trump allegedly raped her and never tried to obtain the security camera footage which would show if Trump was actually with her in Bergdorf Goodman like she claimed.

After a brief trial the jury rejected Carroll’s rape claim and found Trump not liable.

But the jury — which was pulled from the pool of voters in deep-blue Manhattan which is 85 percent Democrat — did award Carroll $5 million in damages finding Trump liable for battery and defamation.

Civil trials have a lower standard of proof — jurors only have to reach the threshold of preponderance of the evidence — so the fact that even a jury likely filled with Democrats did not buy Carroll’s rape story stuck out.

Trump attorney Joe Tacopina expressed surprise at the verdict pointing out that the trial was centered on the allegation that Trump raped Carroll which the jury rejected but still found Trump liable anyway.

“Strange verdict,” Tacopina stated. “It was a rape case all along, and the jury rejected that.”

“We’ll obviously be appealing those other findings,” Tacopina added.

Trump responded on Truth Social by denouncing the verdict and Carroll.

“I have absolutely no idea who this woman is. This verdict is a disgrace – a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time!” Trump posted.

Trump’s campaign released a statement blasting the verdict as a continuation of the Democrat witch hunt against Trump to use the legal system to accomplish what it cannot at the ballot box.

“The Democratic Party’s never-ending witch-hunt of President Trump hit a new low today. In jurisdictions wholly controlled by the Democratic Party our nation’s justice system is now compromised by extremist left-wing politics. We have allowed false and totally made-up claims from troubled individuals to interfere with our elections, doing great damage,” the Trump campaign statement read.

“Make no mistake, this entire bogus case is a political endeavor targeting President Trump because he is now an overwhelming front-runner to be once again elected President of the United States,” the statement added.