Kamala Harris makes bizarre comment about Joe Biden being president

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Democrats try to avoid Kamala Harris appearing in unscripted settings.

Disaster usually follows whenever she does.

Kamala Harris set off a panic with this comment about Joe Biden’s status.

Vice President Kamala Harris gave an odd answer when asked whether she’d be ready to jump into the presidency job should something happen to Joe Biden.

“We were talking to some Democratic donors and they have told us that, should something befall President Biden and he is not able to run, that there would be a free-for-all for who would run as president,” CBS News’ Bill Whitaker began during an interview with the Vice President on “60 Minutes.”

“You are in the spot that, that would be a natural for you to step up, but we’re hearing from donors that they would not naturally fall into line. Why is that?” Whitaker asked.

Harris responded: “Well, first of all, I’m not gonna engage in that hypothetical ‘cause Joe Biden is very much alive and running for reelection.”

“I hear from a lot of different people a lot of different things. But let me just tell you, I’m focused on the job. I truly am. Our democracy is on the line,” Harris said.

“And I, frankly, in my head, do not have time for parlor games when we have a president who is running for reelection. That’s it.”

She was next confronted by Whitaker about the fact she and Biden are polling “neck and neck” against former President Donald Trump.

“Well, I’m not — I’m not a political pundit, so I, I, I’m not gonna speak to that,” Harris struggled to answer.

“But what I will say is this: When the American people are able to take a close look at election time on their options, I think the choice is gonna be clear. Bill, we’re gonna win. Let me just tell you that. We’re gonna win. And I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy. But we will win.”

However, recent polls show Biden’s numbers are consistently declining.

Dave Wasserman, from nonpartisan Cook Political Report, posted earlier this month on X that Biden would lose the election to Trump if the election was held today.

“Now fast forward to 2024 with tied national polls, 40% Biden approval, equally dismal Biden/Trump favorability, more economic pessimism, growing migrant/[international] crises and the potential for [Robert F. Kennedy Jr.]/[Cornel West] to double Jill Stein’s pull on campuses, etc.” Wasserman said.

“Biden is in absolutely dire shape.”