Kamala Harris Praises Democrats Who Staged An Insurrection In Tennessee

Kamala Harris keeps finding new ways to make a public mess.

But Democrats are stuck with her.

And what Kamala Harris got caught in one compromising video that will give Democrats heartburn.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Kamala Harris can’t go one day without creating a political firestorm that Democrats scramble to put out.

Harris’s latest disgrace was caught on camera.

And this damning video of Kamala Harris revealed one unforgivable act.

A transgender domestic terrorist entered The Covenant Christian School in Nashville, Tennessee and murdered three administrators and three nine-year-olds in a hate crime specifically targeting Christians.

The terrorist attack came days before a scheduled “Trans Day of Vengeance.”

But rather than address the increasingly violent rhetoric and actions of the transgender movement, Democrats seized on the tragedy to demand laws banning and confiscating firearms.

Democrat State Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson led an insurrection at the Tennessee Capitol where a violent mob pushed its way past police to try and take over the legislative chamber while it was in session.

Jones and Pearson encouraged the insurrectionist mob by shouting in a bullhorn while standing on the floor of the state House.

The Republican majority in the state legislature then expelled Pearson and Jones for acting as the ringleaders of an insurrection.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden never traveled to Tennessee to meet with the families of victims of the transgender domestic terrorist.

That’s because they are Christians and Biden assumed they have the wrong politics and thus are not worthy of sympathy.

But Kamala Harris did travel to Tennessee to hysterically rant and rave in defense of the insurrection to disrupt the Tennessee state legislature.

“It wasn’t about the three of these leaders. It was about who they were representing. It’s about whose voices they were channeling! Understand that!” Harris screamed.

“And is that not what a democracy allows?” Harris shrieked, “A democracy says you don’t silence the people! You do not stifle the people!”

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh slammed Harris for ignoring the grieving families of dead children to instead celebrate political agitators who helped lead an insurrection.

“She didn’t come to Nashville to attend any of the vigils for the children murdered by a trans terrorist. She didn’t come to meet with the families. Instead she’s coming for this. These people are truly just absolute scum. Hideously wicked human beings,” Walsh stated.

Democrats — and especially Kamala Harris — show that all their supposed righteous anger about January 6 and defending democracy is nothing more than professional wrestling theater where the performers pretend to hate each other to sell tickets.

Harris and the Democrats don’t oppose political violence.

They openly encourage it when it suits their needs.

In 2020 Harris promoted the Minnesota Freedom Fund which paid the bail of Black Lives Matter terrorists arrested in the insurrection following George Floyd’s death.

Harris celebrating an insurrection in Tennessee and praising the leaders is just Harris playing to type.