Karine Jean-Pierre condemns Rashida Tlaib over ‘from the river to the sea’ chant

Photo by Zach Evenor via (CC BY 4.0 DEED) on Flickr

Karine Jean-Pierre has not distinguished herself as a White House press secretary.

Jean-Pierre’s hiring stands as one of Joe Biden’s biggest mistakes.

And Karine Jean-Pierre just announced the one thing that nobody ever expected.

Jean-Pierre faced days of criticism over her refusal to call out Hamas supporters on college campuses terrorizing Jewish students and tearing down posters of innocent Israelis Hamas took hostage in the October 7 attack.

Like all Democrats, Jean-Pierre doesn’t want to offend any corner of the Democrat Party base – even the faction that supports terrorists – because Joe Biden can’t afford for any constituency to sit home next November.

But that stance became untenable when Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib defended and used the “river to the sea” slogan to attack Israel.

Hamas supporters shout “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” to mean that the Palestinians will seize control of all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

Doing so would mean wiping Israel off the map and slaughtering all the Jews who live there.

Tlaib tried to gaslight Americans into thinking this call for genocide was really like a peaceful protest folk song.

“From the river to the sea is an aspirational call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence, not death, destruction, or hate,” Tlaib wrote on social media. “My work and advocacy is always centered in justice and dignity for all people no matter faith or ethnicity.”

Twenty-two Democrats then joined with all but two Republicans to censure Tlaib over using a slogan that called for genocide of the Jews.

Tlaib absurdly claimed she was the victim of cancel culture.

“My colleagues are much more focused on silencing me — the Palestinian American voice in Congress — than they are on ending the horrific attacks on civilians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank right now. Instead of attacking me and distorting my words, they should listen to their constituents and call for a ceasefire to save innocent lives,” Tlaib’s statement ahead of the censure vote read.

Even Karine Jean-Pierre knew enough not to come within 10 miles of looking like she condoned Tlaib’s anti-Semitism.

Jean-Pierre told reporters that the White House “categorically denounced” Tlaib for defending the “from the river to the sea” chant.

“I’m not going to speak to the actions that Congress takes,” Jean-Pierre stated. “When it comes to the phrase that was used from, from river to the sea. It is divisive. It is hurtful to many, many find it hurtful and also many find it anti-Semitic. And so obviously, we categorically reject applying the term to this conflict.”