Karine Jean-Pierre Suffered This Epic Public Humiliation That You Need to See

Karine Jean-Pierre is in over her head as White House press secretary.

There is little doubt about this fact.

And now Karine Jean-Pierre suffered this epic public humiliation that you need to see.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has never been good at her job, she’s only able to cope in general because the mainstream media treat her with kid gloves.

But since the Biden document scandal the legacy news have decided to actually act a bit like journalists.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy spoke with what he described as “more than a half-dozen White House reporters” who suggested that they are growing frustrated with Jean-Pierre because she’s unwilling to go beyond her predetermined talking points.

Jean-Pierre grew angry on Wednesday with reporters pressing her for answers.

“Can you tell us if there’s any sort of assessment … to determine if national security has been jeopardized at all?” a reporter asked Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre responded, “That’s for the Department of Justice.”

“Why?” the reporter asked.

Jean-Pierre snapped back, “It’s not your decision to make on what I can or can’t answer from here.”

During the press conference another reporter grilled her for not answering questions.

“I want to reference an interview that President Biden did in mid-September with ’60 Minutes,’” the reporter said. “And in that interview, he chided former President Trump for having in his possession, classified documents. He called it irresponsible.”

“First of all, do you think it was proper for President Biden to comment on an ongoing DOJ investigation?” the reporter asked.

“So I’m gonna say this, and we’re gonna keep it really short today, as it relates to this particular issue, as it relates to an ongoing legal matter,” Jean-Pierre responded. “I’m going to refer you to Department of Justice with that specific as it relates to anything that you want to ask of us about this legal matter, I would refer you to the White House counsel office.”

“I’m going to leave it there,” she continued. “Not going to go into it further.”

“I’m simply asking you to comment on the person that you work for,” the reporter responded.

“I just, I just commented,” she claimed. “I just commented. We’re moving on.”

“Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead,” Jean-Pierre said to another reporter as she frantically tried to get out of the situation. “No, go ahead.”

“I already answered your question,” Jean-Pierre said to the reporter whose question she did not answer.

“You really didn’t,” the reporter responded.

“Well, I did,” she insisted.

“No, you didn’t —” she responded.

“Well, it’s your, it’s your opinion,” she claimed. “It’s your opinion. It’s your opinion.”

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