Karine Jean-Pierre runs away from questions about Joe Biden’s connection to Hunter Biden’s business deals

Photo by centrifuga ☁ on Flickr.com

It was not one of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s better moments.

But Jean-Pierre had no choice.

And Karine Jean-Pierre ran and hid after a humiliating meltdown.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre never manages to distinguish herself with her performances in the briefing room.

Jean-Pierre created another head-scratching moment when New York Post White House correspondent Steven Nelson pressed Jean-Pierre on the fact that all the available evidence gathered by House Republicans showed Joe Biden lied about never talking business with Hunter Biden or that he had any involvement in Hunter Biden’s foreign business schemes.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden going on speakerphone 20 times during Hunter Biden’s business meetings, appearing at dinners with oligarchs who paid his family and their associates $21 million, as well as emails and text messages where Hunter Biden said he gave his father half his money and used Joe Biden’s name to shake down an executive at a Chinese Communist Party-connected company for millions of dollars formed the backbone of House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry.

When Nelson tried to question Jean-Pierre the White House press secretary fell back on debunked falsehoods about the inquiry claiming that “even House — even House Republicans have said — have said the evidence does not exist. House Republicans have said that, to my friend in the back who just yelled out, which is incredibly inappropriate. But House Republicans have said that there doesn’t —” before Nelson cut her off with a follow-up.

“Do you dispute that he lied?” Nelson interjected.

Jean-Pierre responded with more gaslighting.

“Their own investigation have actually debunked their ridiculous attacks. And the only reason Speaker McCarthy is doing this — is doing this political stunt — and we have seen it; you all have reported — is because Majorie — Majorie [Marjorie] Taylor Greene has said she threatened to shut down the government,” Jean-Pierre declared.

Nelson then hit Jean-Pierre with the results of a new CNN poll showing 61 percent of Americans think Joe Biden had some involvement with Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

“More than half of voters told CNN they believe the president was involved and he lied. You can’t have a response to that Karine?” Nelson asked.

At that point Jean-Pierre fled the briefing room rather than answer any more questions about Joe Biden’s dishonesty.

The CNN poll showed that the media and Democrats’ misinformation campaign about Joe Biden and allegations of corruption failed.

And rather than answer questions where she couldn’t rely on talking points, Jean-Pierre skedaddled out of the briefing room as quickly as she could.