Letitia James loses initial gag order ruling

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Democrats thought they could count on the courts as their secret weapon in 2024.

But that could prove to be a costly mistake.

And a judge just dealt Letitia James a huge defeat that left Trump jumping for joy.

James’ civil fraud case against Trump is beyond a farce.

In her lawsuit, James claimed Trump defrauded the state of New York by inflating the value of his assets to receive better loan terms from banks.

Trump paid back every loan on schedule and the banks profited from the interest.

There are no victims in this case.

But James brought this lawsuit knowing she would draw one of New York’s elected judges whose ability to stay in office depended on ruling against Trump.

And, sure enough, Democrat Judge Arthur Engoron ruled Trump liable for fraud before the trial even began.

The trial is now in the penalty phase where Engoron will decide all by himself how much in damages James can collect.

James asked for $250 million in damages even though no one is claiming Trump cheated them.

This ruling allows Joe Biden to run campaign commercials attacking Trump as a fraud and also potentially forcing Trump to sell Trump Tower.

To add insult to injury, Judge Engoron slapped a gag order on Trump claiming Trump attacking his clerk – who is a Democrat and taking on a large role in this case assisting Engoron – raised the risk of violence.

This unconstitutional gag order allowed a Democrat judge to regulate the speech of the GOP frontrunner for president when the trials against Trump form the backbone of the Democrats’ 2024 campaign message.

Engoron’s reasoning behind the gag order for the larger Democrat Party narrative the left pushed since January 6 is that Trump’s speech is violence.

Trump appealed the order and Judge David Friedman of the state’s intermediate appeals court issued a stay lifting the order.

Judge Friedman reasoned that Engoron had no business to regulate what Trump had to say outside the courtroom while also rejecting the idea that Trump’s speech represented a threat to the safety of Engoron’s staff.

“Considering the constitutional and statutory rights at issue an interim stay is granted,” Judge Friedman wrote.

Trump praised the order as a restoring respect for the Constitution while also hammering Engoron and James as Democrat shock troops in the strategy of waging lawfare to interfere in the 2024 election.

“Judge Arthur Engoron has just been overturned (stayed!) by the New York State Appellate Division (Appeals Court), for the 4th TIME (on the same case!). His Ridiculous and Unconstitutional Gag Order, not allowing me to defend myself against him and his politically biased and out of control, Trump Hating Clerk, who is sinking him and his Court to new levels of LOW, is a disgrace. They are defending the Worst and Least Respected Attorney General in the United States, Letitia James, who is a Worldwide disgrace, as is her illegal Witch Hunt against me. The Radical and Unprecedented actions of Judge Engoron will keep BUSINESSES and JOBS forever out of New York State. I have done NOTHING WRONG, my numbers were low, not high, I have a COMPLETE DISCLAIMER CLAUSE, their Star Witness admitted he lied and made up this Fake case against me, and the the Attorney General used a ‘Get Trump’ platform in order to run for A.G. & Governor (she failed!). This wicked attack on Democracy must be ended, NOW!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.