McDonald’s goes woke in shocking new ad campaign

Photo by Mike Mozart on Flickr

Companies should know by now that bending the knee to the woke mob comes at a cost.

But some corporations refuse to learn the lesson of Bud Light.

And McDonald’s went woke and you won’t believe what happened next.

In a new commercial promoting their order-and-pay app McDonald’s virtue signaled by showing a homosexual couple sharing a large fry.

This ad carried risks for McDonald’s on two fronts.

It came after consumer boycotts targeting Bud Light and Target cost those companies billions of dollars.

Target and Bud Light depend on rural, red-state customers.

That base grew infuriated over Target and Bud Light running campaigns promoting transgenderism to children.

McDonald’s also ran the risk of drawing the ire of new groups formed to fight back against the wokeism injecting its way into corporate decision-making.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy co-founded the anti-woke Strive Asset Management.

This firm’s goal is to fight activist investors on the left pushing corporations to support woke environmental, social and governance and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

After the Supreme Court ruled against affirmative action in college and university admissions Strive began laying the groundwork to file legal challenges against affirmative action and racial quotas in corporate hiring.

Strive bought $2 million worth of McDonald’s shares to rally shareholder support to end the race and gender quota system the franchise instituted for board member appointments and employee hiring.

“While the Supreme Court’s decision focused on ending the use of affirmative action in the higher education context, the Civil Rights Act applies to both universities that receive federal funds and private employers such as McDonald’s,” a letter from Strive to McDonald’s stated announcing the challenge to their discriminatory hiring practices.

That isn’t the only battle McDonald’s is fighting over its woke policies.

Ed Rensi – who served as McDonald’s CEO from 1991 to 1997 – helped form The Boardroom Initiative to fight back against woke politics.

“Corporations have no business being on the right or the left because they represent everybody there and their sole job is to build equity for their investors,” Rensi said in an interview with FOX Business.

The Boardroom Initiative targets companies that promote ESG policies – which companies use to bully red states into accepting the Green New Deal – as the number-one priority.

McDonald’s was one of the woke corporations that signed on to the ESG agenda and it quickly tried to hide the fact that it threw its corporate weight around to try and destroy the American energy industry in the name of social justice and climate change.

“One web page that was titled ‘ESG Approach & Progress’ is now labeled ‘Our Approach & Progress.’ Most of the other text remains similar.” Fortune Magazine reported adding, “Another web page, previously titled ‘Performance & ESG Reporting,’ now shows up as ‘Goal Performance & Reporting.’ In some instances, McDonald’s subbed the phrase ‘environmental and social issues’ for the ESG abbreviation.”

The days of corporations getting a free pass to fight the left’s culture wars while begging Republicans for tax and regulatory relief are over.

Conservative consumers and activist groups are wise to the scam woke corporations were running and hitting back.