Megyn Kelly Obliterated Hillary Clinton For Getting Away With This Crime

All the attention is focused on the Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney indicting Donald Trump.

But Megyn Kelly thinks someone else should be the focus.

Megyn Kelly obliterated Hillary Clinton for getting away with this crime.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats thought they had an airtight plan to take down Donald Trump.

But Clinton and the Democrats got some bad news.

And that’s because Megyn Kelly just hit Hillary Clinton this devastating reality check.

On the day a Soros-funded rogue district attorney named Alvin Bragg hit Donald Trump with one of the weakest and most pathetic indictments legal observers had ever seen Megyn Kelly ripped the double standard at work in America’s weaponized justice system.

“I think it’s horrible … I think it helps Trump politically … but it’s horrible for the country. And it’s gonna be horrible for him to go through. And it’s going to be horrible for us to go through,” Kelly told listeners.

Kelly began by commenting on the Biden administration trying to jail Trump on obstruction charges over a document ownership dispute that led to the FBI sending a squad of enforcers to raid Mar-a-Lago claiming that if Trump did defy a subpoena she would not defend him.

“I’m not defending. If he got a subpoena and he had documents, that’s not OK. As a lawyer, you don’t have to persuade me,” Kelly continued.

But Kelly pointed to the fact that the Obama administration let Hillary Clinton get away with deleting 33,000 emails after receiving a congressional subpoena as part of the investigation into Clinton mishandling classified information on her unsecured private email server.

“You’re supposed to treat subpoenas very respectfully … It’s just so aggravating because she [Hillary Clinton] has gotten away with so much,” Kelly added.

Kelly noted that Hillary’s campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, tried to launder a hoax about Trump colluding with the Russians to the FBI by planting a false story about a computer server in Trump Tower communicating with Alfa Bank in Moscow.

“We just went through this whole thing where she used her lawyer to go into the FBI and try to sic them on Donald Trump and say that he was using some Russian bank to hide his nefarious dealings,” Kelly explained.

Special counsel John Durham eventually charged Sussmann with making false statements to the FBI about his role in the Russia collusion hoax but a jury in D.C. stacked with Hillary supporters acquitted Sussmann.

Kelly bemoaned the fact that Clinton consistently used lawyers to hide her shady conduct and potentially criminal acts.

“She’s been using lawyers to do her dirty work forever, and we just generally haven’t had a practice of criminalizing the behavior of somebody in her position. Yes, we’ve sniffed around the lawyers from time to time, but this is everything with him is different,” Kelly declared.

Hillary Clinton concealed the fact that her campaign paid for the Steele dossier by falsely claiming on her Federal Election Commission reports that the money was spent on legal services.

But Clinton really just paid the law firm of Perkins Coie for hiring Steele to put the dossier together.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg indicted Donald Trump for supposedly concealing a campaign contribution by listing payments to Michael Cohen as legal services.

And in the most blatant example of America’s two-tiered justice system Donald Trump is facing criminal charges whereas Clinton received a slap on the wrist after the Federal Election Commission fined her campaign.