Megyn Kelly tells listeners the one question she would ask Joe Biden

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Joe Biden’s handlers keep away from any interview that isn’t a complete softball.

There is a reason for that.

And Megyn Kelly knows the one thing that will wreck Joe Biden.

When Joe Biden does press conferences, his aides provide him with a list of reporters to call in order.

Biden also has been photographed holding a cheat sheet containing bullet point answers to the questions the reporters he was instructed to call on will ask, giving the impression that the reporters submitted their questions in advance as a condition of being called on.

Joe Biden does fewer press conferences and interviews than previous presidents and it’s due to the fact that his handlers are terrified Biden’s cognitive decline will shine through.

Megyn Kelly addressed this topic on a recent episode of her podcast and explained that if she got the opportunity to interview Biden she would not try to sandbag him with her questions, but would instead focus on the known facts surrounding the myriad of controversies all now converging in a congressional investigation that is looking like it will end up in an impeachment inquiry.

“God could I come up with some good debate questions for Joe Biden. I mean, I wish so much they would let me have an interview with him or do a debate with him. And they would be fair. They would be fair. It wouldn’t all just be a jugular excision. But these are questions you can ask based in fact. It doesn’t have to speculate based on the FBI form or anything that Comer and his friends have found. It’s about the actual decisions we know he made as the sitting vice president. I’d love to hear some answers to these,” Kelly stated.

Kelly’s guest on the program, psychologist Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, picked up on that theme and said it is reasonable to ask Biden why he enabled his son’s foreign business ventures with help from his official capacity as vice president knowing full well his son was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

“What kind of a sitting Vice President, knowing full well, as all family members do, what an addiction like this is doing to a child, would allow said child to do business. Calling him up, using his influence as the Vice President of the United States, putting him on the phone with Ukrainian business dealers, going to dinner with them in Cafe Milano,” Dr. Kardaras declared.

Kelly agreed saying it is unconscionable that Biden appeared at dinner with foreign oligarchs who paid his son millions of dollars and that Biden helped make these deals possible.

“This is a severe addict, and not only did he not stop Hunter from using his connections to make all of this rein in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakstan — I can go down the list — He helped. He was facilitating it,” Kelly continued.

Joe Biden’s handlers don’t want Joe Biden answering questions like that because many Americans believe the only real answer as to why foreign oligarchs and businesses in countries like Communist China paid someone like Hunter Biden millions of dollars is simple corruption as it earned them access to the Vice President of the United States of America.