New Report Calls Into Question Laura Ingraham’s Future at Fox News

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Fox News is looking at massive shake up.

Tucker Carlson’s firing was just the beginning.

And this top host may be the next to follow Tucker Carlson out the door.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Fox News is facing massive upheaval after taking Tucker Carlson off the air.

The floodgates may be about to open.

And this Fox News host may be the next to follow Tucker Carlson out the door.

Fox News management is trying to pull the nose up on a network in a downward spiral.

Ratings crashed after the network announced the shock firing of Tucker Carlson.

Many Fox News fans worried axing Carlson meant the channel was about to undergo a programming change in terms of editorial content.

Matt Drudge appeared to confirm that Fox News is about to undergo a massive facelift.

“FOXNEWS is preparing to announce an ambitious new schedule, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, a schedule where ever hour of primetime will change!” Drudge reported. “TOP SOURCE TELLS DRUDGE: ‘IT’S OUR BOLDEST AND MOST FEARLESS LINE-UP EVER’…” Drudge exclusively reported.

Drudge claimed that Fox News Channel’s master plan involved moving Sean Hannity’s show from 9 to 8 p.m. to fill Carlson’s old time slot and moving Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld from 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. respectively to the 9 and 10 o’clock hours.

As soon as Drudge dropped this bombshell everyone noticed one big time.

Laura Ingraham already hosts the 10 p.m. hour on Fox News’s primetime lineup.

Transferring Gutfeld and Watters to prime time meant one would take over Ingraham’s time slot.

This report set social media ablaze with speculation that Fox News was on the verge of firing Ingraham – who is also a high-profile Trump supporter.

Fox News denied that it planned to fire Ingraham but not that management was considering swapping her out of prime time for Watters or Gutfeld.

“Reports based on various tweets by left wing activists are wildly inaccurate — Laura Ingraham, the top-rated woman in cable news, is now and will continue to be a prominent host and integral part of the Fox News lineup,” a Fox News statement declared.

The Fox statement blasting Drudge as a “leftwing activist” also stuck out like a sore thumb.

For years the Drudge Report was the number-one website in conservative media.

But towards the end of the Trump presidency Drudge turned on Trump and used his site to push a “Never Trump” message.

Traffic declined and Fox News may be trying to get back on the good side of conservatives furious over the Tucker Carlson firing by lumping Drudge in with the rest of the liberal media.

Fox News is a network taking on water.

Tucker Carlson built the biggest and youngest audience in all of cable news.

And large chunks of that audience fled after Fox News fired Carlson for reasons the network refuses to divulge.

Variety reported that several Fox News hosts reached out to Carlson to gauge interest in joining the new show that Carlson announced he will begin broadcasting on Twitter.

If Ingraham is about to lose her primetime hosting gig on Fox News, she could be one of the on-air stars Variety believes is looking for an escape hatch.