A Key Republican Left A CNN Host Stammering After A Brutal Smackdown

Top executives claim CNN is trying to change its ways.

That turned out to be bunk.

And a key Republican left a CNN host stammering after a brutal smackdown.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett was one of the conservatives refusing to vote for Kevin McCarthy until McCarthy agreed to concessions that would limit the swamp’s power to ram through a trillion dollars spending bills and pile debt on the American people.

The conservatives won the ability to call a vote of no confidence on the Speaker with just one member making the motion.

And McCarthy agreed to appoint conservatives to key committees that decided what bills came to the floor and under what rules.

Leadership also guaranteed regular order with open debate and an open amendment process.

The vote for Speaker dragged on four days as the conservatives and McCarthy continued negotiating.

It was democracy in action as the different factions within the Republican majority negotiated a power sharing agreement.

But for all of the flowery rhetoric on CNN about defending democracy the network’s hosts attacked Republicans for supposedly running a clown car because conservatives did mindlessly fall in line like sheep behind leadership like Democrats did with Nancy Pelosi.

CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to ambush Burchett with this leftwing talking point about the GOP not being able to govern during an interview.

“You’re not worried, congressman, that this looks like your party is not ready for primetime?” Acosta wondered.

Burchett laughed off this nonsensical question noting that governing involves coming to a consensus and that is exactly what the Republicans did over the course of the week.

The Tennessee conservative also pointed out that there was more debate on the floor of the House in these four days than he saw in his previous four years in Congress.

“I had more debate this week in Congress, more meaningful debate, more intermingling — I would go over and talk on the Democrat side. I talked to my friends in the squad, AOC and [Ilhan] Omar and all of them. Speaker Pelosi came down and sat beside me and checked on my daughter who got hurt in a horse accident because she has a granddaughter named Isabela, and my daughter’s name is Isabel. And she asked me about my wife Kelly. It gave us time to interact. We actually interacted more this week than in the last four years. And if anything, I think that relationship building is where it’s at,” Burchett added.

Burchett added that this process was democracy in action and that the status quo the media claims is a “functioning” Congress – where leadership dumped a multi-thousand page, multi-trillion dollar spending bill on the rank-and-file with just hours to go before a deadline – was the definition of broken.

“Democracy’s not a pretty thing sometimes. It’s ugly. Sometimes it’s just a known down, drag out. Maybe that’s what we need to get to where we’re at,” Burchett added. “I think the country’s going to be well-served, I honestly do.”

Conservatives like Burchett won key concessions to bring regular order and more openness to Congress while cutting down on the swamp’s ability to cut backroom deals that stick taxpayers with trillions of new dollars in socialist spending.

CNN tried to mock that as disarray.

But it was really democracy in action.

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