Republicans’ investigation into Joe Biden turns up more evidence

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flicker

Joe Biden keeps claiming there is no evidence tying him to any of his family’s business deals.

That’s all out the window thanks to this bombshell development.

And Joe Biden is hoping you never find out about this smoking gun.

Joe Biden continually taunted Republicans investigating his links to his family business deals to find the money.

Members of the press claimed Republicans came up empty-handed over not producing direct evidence of Joe Biden benefiting from one of the family schemes.

That all changed when the House Oversight Committee produced a March 1, 2018, check from James Biden to Joe Biden.

James sent the money to Joe Biden on the same day Americore, a troubled hospital operator that the FBI raided, sent James a $200,000 payment.

Americore paid James Biden $600,000 in total and documents revealed the company thought going into a business relationship with James Biden would open the doors to cash from the Middle East due to the Biden brand.

Biden’s allies in the media claimed the memo on the check saying it was for a “loan repayment” meant this was just an innocent transaction amongst family members.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer debunked that claim.

Comer wrote a letter to White House Counsel Edward Siskel in which Comer explained that the committee’s investigation uncovered no evidence Joe Biden ever loaned James Biden $200,000 and he should turn over any documentation that can prove this loan actually existed.

“The White House has claimed Joe Biden loaned James Biden $200,000, and this check was repayment,” Comer wrote. “Records obtained by the Committee do show numerous large incoming transactions into the personal account of James and Sara Biden from various entities. Some of these transaction records may have obscured the identity of the true payer, but no records in the Committee’s possession state that Joe Biden made a large loan payment to his brother.”

“If Joe Biden did personally loan James Biden an amount that was later repaid by the $200,000 check, please provide the loan documents, including the loan payment, loan agreement, and any other supporting loan documentation,” Comer continued.

Comer added that even if Joe Biden did loan James Biden $200,000 the fact remained that Joe Biden depended on the success of his family’s access peddling schemes to be made whole financially.

“Whether it was a loan or not, James Biden’s March 1, 2018, check to Joe Biden aptly demonstrates one way he personally benefited from his family’s shady influence peddling of his name and their access to him,” Comer declared. “Even if the transaction in question was part of a loan agreement, we are troubled that Joe Biden’s ability to recoup funds depended on his brother’s cashing-in on the Biden brand.”

The one thing that is for certain right now is the Democrat and media refrain that Republicans have no proof of Joe Biden’s involvement in his family business deals is obviously untrue.