Ron DeSantis Claims Indictments Tipped the Primary to Trump

Photo by Tom Williams, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump were rivals for the GOP nomination.

That’s all over now.

And Ron DeSantis made a stunning admission about Donald Trump.

Back in March, DeSantis trailed Donald Trump by about 15 points in the GOP primary polls.

Then Democrat prosecutors Alvin Bragg, Jack Smith, and Fani Willis filed a slew of legally baseless, unconstitutional and politically motivated indictments.

Democrats intended for the indictments to tip the election in Joe Biden’s favor by convicting Trump in a series of show trials and putting him in jail just before the vote.

Once the indictments began rolling in and Republican voters saw that Democrats sought to steal away their right to vote they rallied around Trump.

With each set of criminal charges Trump’s numbers in the primary and general election rose.

DeSantis suffered a series of missteps such as not forcefully condemning the indictments against Trump and flip-flopping to the establishment position on Ukraine after his donors complained and his poll numbers sank.

With his campaign low on cash DeSantis bet everything on Iowa, but polls show Trump’s lead growing to more than 30 points.

And a clearly frustrated DeSantis aired his grievances about the primary with Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody.

After offering some cursory condemnation of the indictments against Trump, DeSantis complained that the real issue with the indictments was that they hurt his campaign by creating an environment where Trump dominated the news.

“I mean, I would say if I could have one thing change, I wish Trump hadn’t been indicted on any of this stuff. I mean, honestly, I, I think that, you know, from Alvin Bragg on, I’ve criticized the cases. I think, you know, someone like a Bragg would not have brought that case if it was anyone other than Donald Trump. And so, you know, someone like that’s distorting justice, which is bad. But I also think it distorted the primary. And I think it’s it’s been, it’s been those have kind of been the main issues that have happened,” DeSantis declared.

Brody was a bit taken aback over the fact that DeSantis thought the problem with the indictments was how they affected his presidential campaign as opposed to the fact that Democrat prosecutors filed sham indictments in kangaroo courts run by Democrat judges in jurisdictions where all-Democrat juries could put the Republican leading the sitting Democrat president in prison.

“But that’s interesting. You’re saying it made him stronger in a way and it made it tougher for you and others?” Brody asked.

DeSantis repeated his claim that he thought Republican voters fell for a trap set by Democrats to psyop them into supporting Trump for the nomination.

“I think for the primary, it distorted. Yeah, I think it distorted now in a general election. I think the Democrats have a plan on this. I think the media has a plan on this. And I think if it gets to the point where six months from now, Trump’s the presumptive nominee and he’s having to go through all this, they have a plan for how they’re going to ride this out,” DeSantis stated.

Conservatives couldn’t believe it.

Democrats turned America into a banana republic where the secret police jail the government’s opposition on bogus charges and DeSantis couldn’t see the forest for the trees and instead performed a “woe is me” routine.