Sean Hannity Reveals Embarrassing Betrayal for Joe Biden

Photo by Johnny Silvercloud on Flickr

Joe Biden is becoming a political liability for the Democrat Party.

Democrats are plotting their next move.

And Sean Hannity dropped a bombshell about the sick way Michelle Obama will betray Joe Biden.

Michelle Obama has kept a relatively low profile since leaving the White House after her husband’s presidency.

But behind the scenes, she has been plotting something else.

You see, publicly, the Democrats are claiming that they’re happy with Joe Biden and excited to campaign for his re-election in 2024.

But the truth about what is going on behind the scenes is humiliating, which is why they were hoping it would never leak out.

Apparently, Michelle Obama might be planning to step-in for Joe Biden and replace him as the Democrat nominee.

Not only are Democrats not fully behind their incumbent president, but they are actively trying to replace him with somebody else.

This is embarrassing for Biden and for the Democratic Party. A president getting pushed out like this has never happened in modern history.

And apparently this “low-profile” life that Michelle Obama has been living could be a cover-up for what she’s really planning.

According to, “Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) doesn’t think President Joe Biden will make it to 2024 and says that Democrats will pivot to the only logical choice: former First Lady Michelle Obama.”

“Ogles said that from a grassroots perspective, Michelle Obama would be the best choice.”

Here is what Hannity is reporting that Ogles said: “I’m not convinced that Joe Biden will be their nominee. I think that because of his health, because of the many bloopers and the fact that he gets lost in the Rose Garden–I think at the last minute you’re gonna see some switcheroo. Gavin Newsom has said it’s not going to be him. And so that really points to Michelle Obama maybe at the last-minute stepping in here.”

“The only person that could put together on the Democrat side a grassroots army and a fundraising mechanism, in really a moment’s notice, would be Michelle Obama. I’ll raise that flag of warning. I think she’s going to put her name in the hat at some point.”

Democrats turning to a former first lady who has never held elected office because they can’t trust their bumbling president is a humiliating revelation like no other.

They should have known this when they chose to nominate Joe Biden in the first place. He was unusually old for a nominee and had a history of embarrassing gaffes.

Now they are paying the price for this short-sighted decision and scrambling to correct it by substituting Michelle Obama as the nominee.

It appears Michelle Obama may be plotting something behind the scenes, despite her very manicured public persona. And it is bad news for Joe Biden.